Do you travel? Yes! Getting married outside of Chicagoland, somewhere warm, or in an international destination? We are available for worldwide travel! All of our travel packages include a flat rate travel fee, which covers all costs incurred during travel for our crew. We take care of all the travel arrangements, so you don’t have to worry. Please contact us for pricing and availability. Fore more information about how we calculate travel fees, please visit this blog post

How can I reserve your services for my wedding date? Once you’re ready to reserve your date, please let us know as soon as possible. We ask for a 50% retainer fee and a signed contract. The remaining 50% is due 14 days prior to your wedding.

When should I have you arrive to cover my wedding day? We like to arrive when the bride is getting her makeup done. That gives us a good starting point for the storyline in your trailer and wedding film. However, each wedding timeline is unique. Talk with us about your day and we can discuss when we should arrive to best capture your day. We typically finish about 30 minutes after the dance floor opens, which usually gives us time to capture enough dancing footage (without getting repetitive).

I have a several hour gap between my ceremony and reception. Can I break up the coverage hours during my day? Because we are unable to take any other commissions for your day, coverage begins when you would like us to arrive and ends when we leave for the day. Although there may be a gap in your wedding day timeline for guests, we usually find that we’re busy either covering a photo session, driving from one place to the next, or capturing detail shots of your reception venue.

Why are all your wedding films so short? My parent’s wedding video is 2 hours long! Gone are the days of the long, boring wedding video. We cut out the long and cut out the boring and have created a short form wedding film. We will take the most interesting parts of your day and weave them into a cinematic storyline that you will be proud to share with family and friends. A few weeks before your wedding, we'll have a phone conference. During that phone conference, we'll go over your wedding day timeline and any specifics for video coverage. We also talk about what portions of your day you can't do without in your wedding film. So, going into editing, we'll have a pretty good idea of what you'd like included in the final cut.

How many cameras should I have? We often get asked, “How many video cameras should I have at my wedding”? The answer to that depends on a lot of factors; size of venue, number of guests, lighting conditions, budget, layout of ceremony, timeline, and distance between locations. One camera can only capture so many things at the same time. Also, if the Bride and Groom are getting ready at exactly the same time, only one camera can capture either the Bride or the Groom prep.

Multiple cameras allow for ultimate flexability and the ability to capture action/reaction shots. For example, if you have just one camera at the reception, it might only allow us to capture the speaker, not the people laughing at the jokes or crying at the emotional stories.

Here is an example of what the vows could look like from three different camera angles:

1.) Center shot with the Minister, Bride, and Groom 2.) Tight shot of the Bride's face 3.) Shot of the Groom's face

If you take away a camera, each angle will also be eliminated. Each wedding is unique, so it's important to discuss with us your vision. We'd be happy to talk about different options that will showcase your special day.

Who chooses the music that will be in my trailer and wedding film? You are hiring us as artists to create a cinematic wedding film that best represents your day. Music is very important to moves a piece and helps tell a story. If you really want to have that Garth Brooks song from 1990 in your wedding film, but we don't feel it fits the mood or feeling of your day, we're not doing our job. However, we want your film to represent you...not us! We try to find music that is off the beaten path; music that can potentially withstand the test of time. All of the music we use is licensed through various licensing agencies. So, we can try to accommodate your musical requests. However, we prefer to have full creative control. Give us a test...check out some trailers on our blog and listen to some of the music we have found and used.

Do we get all the raw footage? Included with whatever collection you choose is a trailer, 15-25 minute wedding film, and DVD extras (which usually include vows, first dances, and reception speeches in their entirety-no matter how long they are). We use other portions of your day; from the bridal prep to the guests arriving, cocktail hour, photo session, and dancing to create your trailer and wedding film. We don't exclude moments we know you'll want to see, but we do offer ALL the unedited raw footage on an external USB hard drive (Mac formatted) for an extra cost. Contact us for more details.

What video clips are included in the DVD extras? We usually include the vows, reception speeches, and some of the first dances in their entirety. These parts will appear as a DVD extra (or bonus feature) in your DVD menu. Please talk with us before your wedding about what you would like included as a DVD extra.

How soon after my wedding will I receive the DVDs? During the editing process, we will notify you about your wedding film's progress through email updates. These updates will explain each phase of post production and the expected time each phase should take. We will edit and deliver your wedding film within 3-4 months of your wedding.