Oakland County Friend of the Court

Documentary Film


Divorce is tough but navigating it with children is even tougher. Thanks to a court-mandated program in Oakland County, Michigan, parents are learning how to successfully co-parent through the divorce process. With the help of classroom instruction, accompanied by a workbook and the training videos we produced, thousands of Oakland County parents are creating stronger bonds with their children while going through divorce proceedings.

What We Made

We chronicled the lives of three families who were co-parenting while going through divorce proceedings in Oakland County. One main documentary film was produced for in-class instruction. A shorter version of the documentary film was also produced. Additionally, a series of shorter topical videos were produced to accompany the training workbook and group discussions..

How We Did It

Pre-production planning included pre-interviews with potential interviewees, scheduling, casting, and permits. Over the course of three days, we filmed nine interviews, b-roll, and also various scenes with actors. We handled all aspects of production, with final sign-off from the client.

How We Delivered It

Closed captioned DVDs were made and distributed to various stakeholders across the State of Michigan.

Oakland County Friend of the Court