Fulton County Animated Explainer Video

Communicating Plans
Through Animation


Fulton County is in North-Central Georgia and is the largest county in the state. As part of their marketing campaign to attract new businesses, they hired us to produce an animated explainer video about the economic state of their county.

What We Made

When Fulton County initially reached out to us, there was a matter of days before the video had to be shown at an event. We determined that producing an animated explainer video was the best way to visually communicate their message..

How We Did It

We worked with our client to produce a script and visuals that would help tell their story. We had a professional voiceover track the video and paired that with upbeat music consistent with the overall pacing of the piece. We produced, animated and edited the video in a record three days!

How We Delivered It

The video was first shown at the county’s “State of the County” address and later distributed on their YouTube channel and social media.

Fulton County Animated Explainer Video