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AMA Plaza was designed by world-renowned architect, Mies van der Rohe. It sits on the banks of the Chicago River with incredible views of the River and Chicago skyline. As part of a multimedia marketing campaign for the property's sale, we produced a video that showcased the property from all angles.

The video looks great! Truly professionally and presents a very classy and elegant asset.

What We Made

AMA Plaza has a great story to tell with a lot of history. We worked with property management to identify key marketing components for the property showcase video. This video tells its story..

How We Did It

Over the course of four days, we filmed the building from various heights and angles. We also conducted two sit-down interviews. All of the soundbites were logged with a script and paired with a professional voiceover to help tell the property's story. With the use of our 3-axis ground gimbal paired with DSLRs, daytime/nighttime timelapses, and aerial drone footage shot in 4K resolution, we were able to produce a film that captured the property's stunning beauty.

How We Delivered It

The video will be shown to an international real estate audience on various multimedia platforms.

AMA Plaza