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Mane In Heaven

Mane In Heaven is a nonprofit organization that provides animal-assisted therapy programs thru their miniature horses. They travel around the Chicago area to promote kindness, empathy and well-being.

Mane In Heaven

What We Made
We produced a branding film for the nonprofit that helped communicate their mission and the impact they have on people.

How We Did It
We filmed for three days. Two of them were early mornings. Our goal was to film the beautiful sunrises at the barn. It was worth it because the colors that came out those mornings really popped. The third day, we traveled with their team to Shriner’s Hospital.

How We Delivered It
The video first premiered at the nonprofit’s fundraising event. After that, it was distributed thru social media and email.

Mane In Heaven horses out in the morning

Production Stills

Mini miracles that are happening

Contact Us

Contact Us

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