Virtual Nonprofit Fundraising Event Services

Virtual Nonprofit Fundraising Event Services

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Using our extensive live event video production background and production expertise, our EMMY-award-winning staff has the experience to help your nonprofit host its fundraising event 100% online.

Replicate In-Person Events

We can produce an online fundraising event for your nonprofit that will replicate an in-person event that you might normally hold.

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Live or Pre-Recorded

We can produce your event and stream it live or pre-recorded with all speakers presenting virtually from their own separate locations. If your event is pre-recorded, we can premiere the event on Facebook and/or YouTube where viewers can participate in a moderated live chat, sharing the excitement of your event. Your nonprofit fundraising event can be streamed via popular social media channels (like Facebook and YouTube) and can even be hosted on your own website.

Register Guests

Your guests can register for your event with their contact info. and participate virtually

  • Virtual Paid Tickets
  • Free Events
  • Auto Reminders
  • Follow up before, during and after your event

Virtual Fundraising Tools

Our team can create a dynamic and compelling live fundraising experience

  • Silent Auctions
  • Live Auctions
  • Paddle Raises
  • Fund-A-Need
  • Donation Buttons
  • Text To Donate



Completely Remote

All of our production services are completely remote so your nonprofit‘s staff, the speakers, and donors can all enjoy watching and participating in your virtual fundraising event from anywhere!

Minimal Staff Time Commitment

Our production team comes from a live TV news background. We have the experience to fully produce all of the technical aspects of your virtual fundraiser to ensure your staff can avoid cancelling or delaying your fundraising event.

What Does A Virtual Nonprofit Fundraising Event Look Like?

Each virtual nonprofit fundraising event we produce is completely unique and customized for your organization.

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Shared Link

All attendees would be provided with a link to register for your virtual fundraiser. They can view it on their mobile device or computer. The event can be ticketed or free.

Motion Graphics Open

Your event can start with a professionally produced motion graphics open and music, honoring your nonprofit’s impact. This could be accompanied with a professionally scripted voiceover or wrapped with text graphics to highlight messaging. Your nonprofit’s colors & logo will be on screen. There can also be a moderated live chat.

Opening Speech

Following the motion graphics open, you could have an opening speech from your Executive Director. Their name and title will appear at the bottom of the screen with your nonprofit’s colors and branding. They can then introduce another speaker; such as a staff member or client. 

Musical Performance



virtual graduation band choir


There can be a pre-recorded or live virtual musical performance. This is a great way to include more staff or clients from your organization’s community.

Closing Remarks

Your Executive Director can thank everyone for attending your virtual fundraiser & music can play with video highlights from your organization’s year.

Thank You Video Cards

All of your virtual attendees could receive a video card in the mail, thanking them for attending your virtual fundraiser, and providing them a video of your organization’s impact story.




Here’s an example of a video we produced for a nonprofit before social distancing was enacted. After the video was shown to donors, they raised $1.5 million This type of messaging could appear at the beginning of your fundraising event, using existing photos and/or video clips:




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