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Mane in Heaven // Fundraising Video

Mane In Heaven is a nonprofit organization based in the Northwest Chicago suburb of Barrington. It provides animal-assisted therapy programs thru their miniature horses. They travel around the Chicago area to promote kindness, empathy and well-being.

As with many nonprofit organizations, figuring out creative ways to fundraise became one of their priorities for this year. The nonprofit had used video production in the past for fundraising and marketing purposes but the messaging wasn’t quite on target. So, we worked with the nonprofit on messaging and created a storyline that would impact viewers on an emotional level.

When we are documenting nonprofit organizations, we oftentimes film soundbites or other material that we just didn’t plan…and that’s the nature of documentary filmmaking. You capture the moment. In this case, we had planned to document the nonprofit‘s visit to Shriner’s Hospital for Children – Chicago. The moment we captured with Phoenix was one of the first things we filmed there and that moment became the emotional peak of the fundraising film!

We hope you enjoy this fundraising video about a wonderful nonprofit organization that’s helping Chicago.

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Chicago Virtual Reality Video Production

Children’s Advocacy Center // Virtual Reality 360° Video

Chicago Virtual Reality Video Production

Virtual reality 360° video production is another way that Chicago brands can communicate their message in a unique way. Especially for nonprofit organizations, the virtual reality technology allows viewers to immerse themselves in an environment and experience the organization through the eyes of a client. With the capability nowadays to stream the 360° video content online via various social media channels, the potential viewing audience increases greatly when compared to the traditional VR goggle viewing experience. We even have the capability of livestreaming (webcasting) live events in 360° virtual reality environments viewable via smartphones, tablets or computer desktops!

For this particular VR 360° video project, we were hired by the Children’s Advocacy Center of North and Northwest Cook County to produce a video that allowed viewers to experience the center through their client’s eyes. In this case, it’s a child. The Children’s Advocacy Center of North and Northwest Cook County has offices in Hoffman Estates, Northbrook and Streamwood. The nonprofit provides healing and support services to children who are abused. After a case of abuse is opened with DCFS or local law enforcement, the child is taken to the Children’s Advocacy Center where a trained forensic interviewer speaks with the child. Funding for the nonprofit center is largely based on private donations. So, philanthropy is crucial to keeping the nonprofit open.

One of the fundraising challenges the nonprofit organization faces is that donors don’t get to see what the process looks like from a child’s perspective. By producing the virtual reality video, we were able to put the donors in the child’s shoes from the time they walk in the front door to the time they sit down with a forensic interviewer.

Chicago Virtual Reality Video Production

We worked with the client to develop a script. For the video production, we hired two actors. The forensic interviewer and secretary roles were played by staff members. Field video production took place at the nonprofit organization’s Hoffman Estates location. We used our 3D 360° Virtual Reality 4K Video camera to capture the scenes.

All of the video footage was edited, the 4K cameras were all stitched together, music and titles were added, and the final video production was delivered to the client via the virtual reality goggles. The nonprofit even posted a behind the scenes look and blog article about our video production!

Chicago Virtual Reality Video Production

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palatine video production

MisterHomes // Video Branding and Testimonials

We started planning for this testimonial video production about a year ago. MisterHomes is a real estate agency based in the Northwest Chicago suburb of Palatine, Illinois. However, they service the entire Chicago real estate market. They wanted to increase their suite of videos while educating potential clients about their real estate services.

We developed a video marketing plan that involved the video production of a real estate branding film. After that was created and posted on the company’s website, we produced a series of testimonial videos. They were filmed in Palatine, Schaumburg, and Wadsworth, Illinois over the course of two days. During pre-production, we learned more about each client’s story and really focused in on putting viewers in their shoes through the visuals we filmed and storytelling. All of the videos were edited. We also created a compilation and social media video cutdowns. The series was added to our DVD style streaming menus where a library of videos can be selected and viewed.

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