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Ryerson Gives Back

When Hurricane Harvey landed in Houston, Texas, it left behind a wake of destruction. Hundreds of thousands of homes were flooded and destroyed. Ryerson is one of the largest metal distributors in the industry with offices around the world, including Houston, Texas. Ryerson saw the effect this natural disaster had on its employees, their families and customers. The community has helped them rebuild. They wanted to give back.

For this video production, we filmed everything in Houston, Texas. Our video production crew flew to Houston and filmed the day documentary style. We had two cameras and an audio operator on site to capture the non-scripted sound.

Ryerson employees gathered food and supplies to donate to a local nonprofit organization, the Houston Food Bank, the largest food back in the country. The donated supplies were then loaded on a Ryerson truck and delivered to the food bank where employees volunteered for a day. When natural disasters strike, human lives are affected. Video is the perfect medium to help tell their stories. This video production chronicles that story and the heart this company has for its employees and their local community.

The final video production was distributed on social media and on the company’s website.

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