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Sara Sadat // Village of Lisle Trustee Election Video

Sara Sadat was running for Village of Lisle Trustee. With a website and social media already in place, she wanted a better way to tell her personal story. She was new to politics and was quite involved on the local level. The political candidate thought about doing a series of Facebook Lives but realized a well produced video would probably help connect voters on a more emotional level to her story.

When she was eight years old, Sadat moved with her Mom from India to the United States. A survivor of domestic abuse, Sadat is an artist, works as an executive, and is deeply involved with her local community. She saw opportunities in Lisle and wanted to make it better!

We helped Sadat narrow down her story and worked on a storyboard for the video. Filming took place over the course of a day. With political video productions, we typically have short turnarounds. The edit was complete within 24 hours and when posted online, the video started spreading like wildfire!

She posted the video on her YouTube page and Facebook Fan Page, which had over 22,000 views by election day! The best news…she was elected!! Congrats, Sara!

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Detroit Documentary Video Production

SMILE Program // Documentary Film

The Oakland County Friend of the Court provides services to parents who are going through divorce. Through their SMILE (Start Making it Livable for Everyone) program, an Oakland County Circuit Court mandated program, all parents with minor children who are divorcing or involved in a privately filed paternity, custody, or support case can learn how to co-parent during and after a divorce is finalized.

The SMILE program had a brochure and a training DVD produced in the 90s. Since the video was first produced, a lot of the material taught in the program needed to be updated. So, they hired us to produce an updated video! In looking at the material that needed to be taught and the intended audience, we brought up the idea of producing a documentary-style, interview-based video. The plan was to film interviews with several families who were going through divorce so that viewers could learn from those experiences and see how those families successfully navigated the co-parenting process.

Detroit Video Production

Pre-production phone interviews were conducted with many families. In coordination with our client, three families were selected to appear in the documentary film. Over the course of three days, we filmed nine interviews, b-roll, and also various scenes with actors. It was a busy three days while our crew filmed around Detroit and the surrounding suburbs.

Detroit Video Production

During filming, we were able to meet a lot of interesting people. One of the people we featured lived in her car for a period of time. She handed her daughter over to her ex-husband during this time because she didn’t want her daughter to live outside in the freezing car. To illustrate this scene, we filmed an actor living outside near the abandoned Packard Automotive Plant in Detroit, MI.

Detroit Documentary Video Production

In addition to all of the ground footage we filmed, we also flew our aerial drone to capture video of various landscapes around Michigan.

Michigan Aerial Drone
Post production included logging many hours of interviews and b-roll footage. In addition to the longer documentary film, we also produced a shorter version and segments for in-class training. Closed captioned DVDs were made and distributed to various stakeholders across the State of Michigan.

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Fulton County // Animated Explainer Video

Fulton County is in North-Central Georgia and is the largest county in the state. As part of their marketing campaign to attract new businesses, they hired us to produce an animated explainer video about the economic state of their county.

We worked with our client to produce a script and visuals that would help tell their story. We had a professional voiceover track the video and paired that with upbeat music consistent with the overall pacing of the piece. We produced, animated and edited the video in a record three days! The video was first shown at the county’s “State of the County” address and later distributed on their YouTube channel and social media.

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