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Chicago Animated Explainer Video Production // Animated Explainer

eRentPay is an exciting new online property management tool for property managers and tenants. The software has a lot of great features. So, they needed an animated explainer video that quickly explained the software’s benefits.

Whenever we produce an animated explainer video, there are several steps in the production process. Our first step is learning more about the brand, what makes it unique, and how we can effectively communicate its marketplace position to the target audience. Then, we develop a script. Some brand are very straightforward professional while others might be more relaxed. Each video production is unique and we tailor each script to that brand. After script approval, we dive into the visuals and create several different styleframes from which the client can choose, which determines the overall visual approach of the animated explainer video. Scenes are created in Photoshop and animated in After Effects.

Simultaneously, we work with a professional voiceover to track the script. The voiceover dictates overall pacing of the piece. Scenes are timed to the voiceover track. Then, we add music and sound effects! This video was released on the company’s website and social media channels.

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Mobile App Tutorial Videos

MyMonitor Mobile logo for iphone app promotional video

MyMONITOR Mobile is a unique web-based (HTML5) mobile app that allows Monitor Liability Managers, LLC’s producers to provide immediate insurance quotes for clients on their mobile devices. As part of their complete mobile app product rollout, Monitor Liability Managers, LLC hired Delack Media Group to create a series of tutorial videos that would provide a visual step-by-step guide on how to use the mobile app. Users would be able to view these tutorial videos by selecting them within the app.

We spent some time using the app to see how users experienced it. Since users held their mobile device vertically to use the the app, we created all of the tutorial videos in a vertical space. We animated all of the screens, created an animated logo intro, and a motion animated phone for the end of each video. We worked with a professional voiceover and paired the videos with the same musical score that we used for the app’s promo video to ensure continuity between videos. The videos look amazing on a mobile device and we were very excited to help Monitor Liability Mangers, LLC with this unique multimedia project.

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