Chicago Video Production

Chicago Mobile Video Production Studio

Delack Media Group is a full service video production company based in the Chicago market, and available for travel around the country. With our 24′ OBS mobile video production trailer, we produce live High Definition shows for broadcast and livestreaming.

Multi-camera switching (up to 20 camera inputs per switcher)
(2) Blackmagic ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K
Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Control Panel
720p/1080/4K (Horizontal or Vertical)
40×40 Blackmagic Smart VideoHub 12G-SDI

(2) Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Pro Recorder Decks
6 input iso records with 7TB of storage

Clear-Com Intercom System w/beltpacks and headsets
(8) Motorola 2-way radios with surveillance kits

Proprietary on-board internet system (receive & transmission)
*Bonded cellular live streaming
*LiveU Solo Pro (bonded cellular with 2 cellular + LAN + wifi)
ZOOM/Google Meet computer for remote guests or captioning

Video Support:
*Remote Captioning
*Copper/Fiber cable runs and and wireless video transmission systems available
(2) SD-HDMI Converters
(2) Decimator Cross Converters
1000’ BNC

(1) Vmix Graphics station
(1) Vmix Replay w/6 inputs and 2 outs

(2) ZOOM Audio Mixers
13 XLR inputs which includes a 6 input submix
1000’ XLR

Blackmagic Ursa Broadcast Studio
Fujinon B4 Lenses (8.5-170mm)
24’ Jib
Aerial and Underwater Drone
(4) Marshall Waterproof Lipstick Cams

Mobile Production Unit Specs:
24’x 8’5’
Generous 80” interior head room
Fully insulated walls & ceiling
Climate controlled with two air conditioning/heating units
Onboard crew Wifi
Deluxe control room interior
Breaker box w/generator or shore power input
50a 220v single phase service
1000’ AC cables with 10 BNC connectors

*Quoted separately per project specs

Overview of our mobile video production trailer:

Contact us to talk about broadcasting your next event!

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3D Drone Building

Ryerson is a leading processor and distributor of metals, with operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and China.

For this video production, Ryerson wanted to show what their new Centralia, Washington facility would look like. Just outside Seattle and Portland, this 214,000 square foot facility will be state of the art with advanced metal processing capabilities.

Before the facility was even built, Ryerson wanted to promote their new metal manufacturing facility. Our concept was to fly the aerial drone and capture video footage of the vacant site and overlay the new building on top of the live action drone footage.

Using the CAD drawings and site plans, we were able to determine the best angles to film the empty lot with the drone. To achieve the desired final result of this video production, we had to find the right day to fly the drone. Wind speeds, lighting, and time of day were all factors for us to consider.

The aerial drone video footage was filmed in a flat picture profile so that we had maximum latitude in post production for color grading and correction. Video footage was captured at various angles and altitudes and with various movements.

Then, using the CAD drawings, we created the building in a 3D space. That building was then overlaid onto the moving aerial drone video footage. Everything was edited to music and exported in HD.

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Chicago TV Screen & Monitor Rentals

$450/day (per monitor with stand)
(We have several available. Call for availability)

55″ TV Monitor. Great for video village or client monitor
55″ Crystal UHD screen
AU8000 model

TV mount can be tilted up or down all 16 degrees
Multiple vertical adjust support TV height adjusted from 51 to 75 inches
Tool-free knob and security pin to keep height tightly for sturdy use
With anti-slip and anti-scratch padded rubber legs, black tv legs can be foldable easily.
Use this floor TV stand at the home theatre, office meetings, trade show display, classroom presentations, and more. Ideal for home as well as commercial and industrial applications

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