Chicago Video Production

New York Stock Exchange Livestreaming

Ryerson Investor Day Hybrid Virtual Event

For us, there’s a lot of satisfaction to see how we can take a client’s concept and create it into an amazing hybrid event. A hybrid event is an event where people attend in person and online. We’re producing a lot of hybrid events nowadays. In a post-pandemic event world, people now almost expect that while you may offer a typical in-person event, you should also have some sort of online livestreaming component as an option.

Offering an online experience for your attendees is crucial for people who can’t attend the event in person for whatever reason. You may be fearful that having an online component will reduce the number of in-person attendees. While in-person attendance post COVID has definitely gone down, online viewership has increased exponentially. And that was exactly the case for this hybrid event we produced in New York.

This investor day event was held at the New York Stock Exchange’s (NYSE) Siebert Hall for Ryerson. Siebert Hall is dedicated to Muriel Siebert, the first woman to buy a seat on the NYSE, which happened before the exchange was member owned.

Website Development
In one week, we built a fully functional, fully responsive website for the event where people could view the agenda, speakers, event info, and register to either attend in person or watch the event virtually. All registrants needed to be approved prior to either watch online or attend in person. You may view the event website by clicking here.

Media Training
A few weeks before the event, we flew to Minneapolis to record all of the speakers giving their presentations. Each speaker received a USB thumb drive with their presentation video on it. That way, the presenters could review the video and see how their presentation went.

Site Survey
We always think that checking out a venue prior to any event is a great idea. We’re able to advise on locations, timeline, and ways to improve the event through video. A few weeks before the event, we were able to tour the space. While doing that, we learned about two portable vertical video displays that we could use at the venue. We decided to create one moving graphic that would be seen on a vertical video display as guests walked in. That motion graphic had a similar branding aesthetic to the event website we developed. The second vertical video display had a looping video that showed the company’s locations and capabilities.

Content Creation
Before the event, we also produced 7 videos, a countdown, show open, lower third name/title graphics, and a break countdown that were all shown during the investor event.

While the event was held in person, a larger online audience also watched the event live through the website we developed. Online attendees were also able to submit questions to the presenters, which were answered in real time.

If you have an in-person, hybrid or virtual event you’d like to produce, we’d welcome the opportunity to provide ideas on how we can make it amazing for you!

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Fort Wayne IN Event Video Production

Fort Wayne Indiana Conference AV Production

Grand Wayne Convention Center AV Rental

Brunswick held its annual Dealer Meeting for their Harris Boats brand at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Delack Media Group provided AV rental and video production support at the Grand Wayne Convention Center for the conference.

Grand Wayne Convention Center AV Rental

We provided a large 11.24’x20′ rear projection video screen and 25,000 lumen laser projector, which covered the background of the main stage. All video content displayed on the screen was switched by our video production team behind stage.

Fort Wayne IN Event Video Production

We also provided IMAG video of the speakers during the show so everyone attending the event could see the speakers well.

IMAG Video Production

And then while attendees were touring all of the boats in the convention center, our video crew filmed various interviews on the show floor, which were projected live onto the large stage screen.

Fort Wayne IN Livestreaming

We can even provide your own customized conference event TV channel and produce custom video content that’s updated live throughout your event on screens that are placed throughout the venue.

Conference Custom Channel Production

If you are organizing an upcoming conference or event and need AV rental, video production support, livestreaming, or show production, our team of professionals is ready to take your event to the next level! Contact us today to get the conversation started.

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Illinois school referendum video production

CCSD 15 | School Referendum Video Production

As anyone who owns a home knows, you have to do regular maintenance on it. Otherwise, things start to fall apart over time. Now imagine having to maintain 20 large school buildings. That’s exactly what Community Consolidated School District 15 in Palatine, Illinois does on a daily basis. With that many buildings and limited funding, the school district needed to prioritize major repairs. Over time, minor repair fixes blossomed into large needs. And while identifying those needs across all of their buildings, some of the solutions created unintended challenges over the years. What followed was a discovery process to identify how the school district could provide a quality education for all of its students. And that’s where Move 15 Forward began.

CCSD 15 hired Delack Media Group to produce a series of videos that would educate community stakeholders about the school district’s referendum plans. We helped identify various “buckets” for each of their needs. From there, we worked with the school district to produce a video about each “bucket”: Infrastructure, Kindergarten, Middle School, and Safety & Security. An overview video was also produced.

The videos were then shown to the school board, community members and stakeholders at various community meetings, and were distributed on the school district’s referendum website, newsletter and social media channels. And in the recent election, residents passed the referendum.

We also received great news that the “Moving 15 Forward Overview Video” was selected as a winner in the 2022 Illinois Chapter of the National School Public Relations Association’s Communications Contest. It’s a true honor for us to have been a part of this referendum video production and a testament to the continued commitment we have to helping school districts around the country produce great video content that helps educate and inform their communities.

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