Chicago Video Production

Knox College Commencement Livestream

This marked the fourth year we have provided livestreaming services for Knox College‘s Commencement ceremony in Galesburg, IL on their Old Main lawn area. This space lends itself to beautiful visuals of the ceremony with the historic building as a backdrop. This year, we provided video production, livestreaming of the ceremony to their YouTube channel, event audio, closed captioning, and large LED walls.

We covered the ceremony with five cameras, which included a 25′ jib and aerial drone. All of the cameras were switched live in our mobile production studio and streamed live to YouTube via our bonded cellular livestreaming encooder with redundant backhaul. The event was simultaneously captioned with open captions appearing on the large LED walls and closed captioning provided to YouTube viewers. Over 800 unique viewers watched the live commencement event online.

We also provided two large LED walls for for the crowds to see the speakers and graduates as they walked across the stage, as well as the closed captions. In addition, we also provided all event audio with mics on the main stage, choir and jazz band with two line arrays. Portable power generator equipment was also brought on site to support the event’s power needs.

If you have a large event that has multiple AV needs, contact us! We specialize in coordinating all logistics and ensuring your event is a success.

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Coca-Cola Chicago Brand Activation

As part of a partnership between Coca-Cola and Walgreens for it’s #CokeHappyHour brand activation campaign, we were hired to create a street marketing event in Chicago. During the marketing event, brand ambassadors were handing out free Coke beverages and other Coke swag to people who visited the Magnificent Mile Walgreens store in Chicago during #CokeHappyHour. They were then encouraged to share the Coke with someone else. That could be the person next to them or a complete stranger.

Delack Media Group coordinated the entire brand activation event including casting for brand ambassadors, filming and still photography.

It’s amazing what a Coke can do. What resulted was a ton of fun for everyone. Strangers became new friends, friends shared stories and spouses laughed and had even more fun.

Following the event, we produced several video edits and still photos for Walgreens social media channels to announce the #CokeHappyHour campaign.

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School Referendums: The Benefits Of Using Video

School district referendums are crucial for providing the necessary resources and funding to maintain and improve educational facilities. However, because of the complexity of school district referendums, they can be challenging to effectively communicate all of their facets to different audiences such as the community, staff, and students. The use of video can be a powerful tool for educating and engaging people about a school district’s upcoming referendum.

Videos are more engaging and memorable than traditional methods of communication such as newsletters, brochures, websites, email blasts, PowerPoints or speeches. They allow viewers to see and hear the message, which makes it easier to understand and retain. Videos can also convey emotions, tone, and body language, making them more memorable and impactful.

When it comes to a school district’s referendum, videos can be used to showcase the current conditions of the school district’s facilities and infrastructure, highlight the improvements and upgrades that are needed, and provide an overview of the referendum’s goals and objectives. The videos can also explain how passing a referendum could benefit the school district and its community.

We were hired by Lake Forest Community High School District 115 to educate their community about the proposed $105.7 million 20-year bond referendum. Through a series of videos, we were able to show viewers inside the historic 88-year-old building. Voters passed the referendum, which will support important improvements to significantly extend the useful life of the school district’s buildings, reduce costly emergency repairs, enhance safety and security, and improve ADA accessibility.

Using video to educate the community, staff, and students about the school district’s upcoming referendum can also be more inclusive. Videos can be translated into different languages or have closed captioning, making it easier for non-English speakers and people with hearing impairments to understand the message.

Video content can be distributed through various channels such as social media, school websites, and newsletters. It can also be played during school events, parent-teacher conferences, and community meetings. By using a variety of distribution channels, the school can reach a broader audience and increase the chances of a successful referendum.

All of the school referendum campaigns we have worked on have passed voter approval. Video is a powerful tool for educating and engaging the community, staff, and students about a school districts’s upcoming referendum. The power of using video in any referendum project should not be discounted. By using video content and distributing it through various channels, school districts can effectively educate community stakeholders so voters can make informed decisions.

To view more of the successful school referendum campaigns we have worked on, CLICK HERE.

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