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Chicago medical video production

Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush University Medical Center // Physician Branding Film

What happens inside the walls of a hospital (or any medical facility) is really remarkable but behind every hospital building are teams of medical professionals who are dedicated to improving the lives of their patients. This video story follows one doctor’s dream to help high performance athletes get back on their feet.

Chicago Doctor Video Marketing

Dr. Hamid is a physician at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush University Medical Center. When he first contacted us, he said he’s been a huge fan of our work and followed us for years, hoping that one day he could hire us to produce a video about his personal story and medical practice. So, we were naturally honored by the request!

We worked with him to identify a few of his patients who had great stories. Dr. Hamid is also a team physician for the Chicago Bulls basketball and Chicago White Sox baseball teams. So, narrowing in on which patients had the best stories was challenging (they’re all good!). We filmed on the ground for one day with Dr. Hamid and his patients. Probably one of the highlights of our day was getting to film on Michael Jordan’s old practice court in the Gold Coast.

Chicago medical marketing video

Aerial video shots were filmed on a separate day with a licensed aerial drone pilot. We produced a branding film and several social media cutdowns, which were distributed on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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cleveland ohio commercial real estate video production

American Greetings Headquarters // Real Estate Marketing Video

We produced this marketing video for a commercial real estate property in Cleveland, Ohio. Everything was filmed in one day from the ground and in the air, capturing 4K video with an aerial drone. We also worked with our client on producing a script that highlighted the property features. A professional voiceover was hired to track the script. Motion graphics and music were paired together to finish the piece! Interior video was supplied by the property.

We travel all over the country filming commercial real estate marketing videos. If you have a project that you’d like us to film, contact us today!

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Chicago TV Commercial Video Production

Augmented Reality Toys // Social Media Commercials

We were hired by a Hong Kong-based toy company to produce two social media commercials for their new augmented reality (AR) floor puzzles.

Chicago Toy Commercial Video Production

One of the toys shows dinosaurs in augmented reality spaces. The other toy shows unicorns. Once you build the puzzle, you can use the toy maker’s mobile device app to see the unicorns or dinosaurs moving around. It’s really quite cool!

During pre-production, we scouted locations to film and worked on casting on-camera talent. Scenes were also storyboarded and a script was written. Both commercials were filmed on the same day.

Chicago Social Media Video Productino

During post production, we color graded, mixed audio, worked with the voiceover, created graphics and edited the two videos together!

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