Live Broadcast Moments of Impact

Live Broadcast Moments of Impact

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Facebook Live is a powerful tool for nonprofits to broadcast their message to a wide audience.

Anyone who watches live TV knows the thrill of seeing something for the first time live. Just ask newscasters about the importance of reporting live from the scene of a burning building. So, it’s no wonder why Facebook Live has been a huge hit to online audiences. Not only does Facebook Live allow you to broadcast live video to your followers but it also allows them to share, like, comment, and donate to your nonprofit! After your nonprofit‘s Facebook Live event, the video also lives on Facebook for other people to watch at a later time.
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There are several key factors to ensuring your nonprofit Facebook Live event is successful:
1.) Get the word out: inform your Facebook audience when they should anticipate a live event on your nonprofit fan page
2.) Plan ahead: make sure you plan out your Facebook Live event’s content. What will you show, who will appear on camera to talk, and what will you talk about?
3.) Hire it out: If you don’t know how to stream a Facebook Live event, be sure to hire a local video production company like Delack Media Group to ensure your online audience will have a live event they can actually watch. Certain video production companies will also be able to help you with content strategy and distribution tips. If you have the capabilities to broadcast on Facebook Live but need help with content or strategy, contact us! We can help out with pre-production, content ideas, strategy, production, and distribution. We also consult for out-of-town nonprofits.

Once you have everything lined up, you’re ready to go live! This list only scratches the surface of what’s possible. If you have ideas or have seen examples of how nonprofits are using Facebook Live effectively, please share them in the comments at the end of this blog post.

The following is a list of content ideas that any nonprofit can use for their upcoming Facebook Live event:
1.) Meet the Staff-interivew a staff member, talk about their interest in working for your organization
2.) Big Announcements-Share with your followers information about a new organizational achievement, new projects, and new staff members.
3.) Behind the scenes-Show staff working on a project, celebrating a victory, or setting up for an event
4.) Live Q&A-Answer your Facebook follower’s questions in a Facebook Live event each week or month
5.) Instant Feedback-Do you have a new project or initiative you’re working on? Get instant feedback about your idea from a live audience. This will also help your fans feel like they’re part of your organization.
6.) Prize Drawing-Having a drawing? Show it live on Facebook!
7.) Before the event-An announcement, show people where the event will take place, or how to get there
8.) During the event-broadcast the event live on Facebook, conduct interviews with guests or major donors to talk about why they’re attending your event
9.) Out and About-show people your impact on the community
10.) Challenge Video-Video of a supporter challenging people to do something (push-ups, ice bucket challenge, etc.) or they’ll have to make a donation
11.) How To-Don’t just tell…SHOW people how they can help

Facebook Live Ideas for Animal Welfare Organizations

Who doesn’t love watching animals on video?
Show new animal arrivals and talk about how they were rescued
Celebrate animal adoptions
Show milestones in your animal’s lives

AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport showed their feral puppies’ first snow live on Facebook!

The Humane Society of the United States showed their Animal Rescue Team in Horry County, South Carolina rescuing animals from flooded streets on Facebook Live.

The Gentle Barn did a wonderful Facebook Live update on one of their horses. Although the topic was tough for the nonprofit, communicating this information proved important for its viewership. The live video received 52,000 views, 2.3K reactions, 1.4K comments, 146 shares, and many offers for donations and help within 24 hours of the live video event.

Facebook Live Ideas for Human Rights Organizations

Bring people to your event
Show milestones in your organization
Introduce new staff members

Here’s an amazing use of Facebook video…Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless is a nonprofit that helps homeless people find a home. They have an online #NoLongerHomeless campaign. Each time they help someone find a home, they post a video with their staff ringing “the housing bell”. Watch their series of videos here. The videos are short but are very effective on social media.

IfNotNow went live with a small gathering of 15 people turned into a live audience of 12,000 people also watching!

Chicago is known for its weather. When Islamic Foundation Interfaith & Outreach Committee wanted to hold a community forum, Chicagoans woke up to their first snowfall of the year. Many people were unable to drive to the event so the Chicago nonprofit turned to its Facebook page and went live!

Facebook Live ideas for churches and religious organizations

Stream your weekly services or just your most popular services. Be sure to include the Facebook donate button!
Talk about Bible verses and allow viewers to ask questions and have a discussion.
Show what your church is doing in your community
Stream a weekly prayer request. Invite others to include their prayer requests as well.
Take people into your study groups. Be sure to advertise before the event those topics.

Facebook Live Ideas for Schools & Universities

New Staff-introduce viewers to new staff members and allow viewers to ask questions
Campus tours of buildings. Be sure to check your cellular connections. Provide a link to download an informational PDF about your school.
Sporting events
Community Meetings
Show the first day of school
Show live aerial drone video of your campus and talk about the various buildings

Honor a teacher with an accomplishment

Reveal new renovations and show how students are using those new resources like this video did for Barrington 220 School District

Wake Forest University went to Facebook Live for their 52nd Annual Christmas Lovefeast choral concert. They received nearly 10,000 views.

Facebook Live Ideas for Art and History Museums

Sneak peaks at new exhibits. Show people what to expect and get online buzz started around the event.
Live restorations. Show people what it takes to restore pieces of art. Allow viewers to ask questions.
Unpacking exhibits. Have you ever watched a kid open a birthday present they wanted? Your audience will feel the same way watching you unpack a new exhibit.
Live Artist Q&A. Invite an artist to speak live on Facebook and answer your audience’s questions.
Live 360 degree exhibit views. Take viewers through your exhibits in 360 degrees!

Check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art-New York’s page for some more ideas!

Facebook Live Ideas for youth organizations, dance, theater, and musical concert/symphony nonprofits

Show live events
Share live announcements
Invite teachers to teach live lessons and invite viewers to ask questions. Don’t forget to include a membership link!
Stream live rehearsals, productions, or select encore performances.
The IDTANA-Southern Region (The Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America Southern Region) went live with their dance competition. Each segment of the competition had its own live event. This was not only nice for family members who may have not been able to attend the event but also for parents to share segments of their kid’s performances after the fact.

Facebook Live ideas for Environmental Organizations

Live updates about the environment
Live Q&A-invite viewers to ask questions to professional environmental panelists
Live impact-show people what your organization is doing right now. Take viewers to the site of a protest or a gas leak.

To learn about how you can add the donations button to your Facebook Live events, CLICK HERE

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Also, be sure to join Facebook’s nonprofit group, where they frequently share live video content from other nonprofits and visit the Facebook nonprofit website to learn more about how your organization can use the online social media platform for maximum impact!