How Nonprofits Can Use Facebook Live and Receive Donations

How Nonprofits Can Use Facebook Live and Receive Donations

When Facebook first introduced the ability for brands to publish live video content to their followers, it opened up all sorts of possibilities of what business owners could do. In the past, the ability for brands to communicate with live video to their audiences was a very distant idea only reserved for large television broadcast stations. For nonprofits, Facebook Live allowed them to quickly publish live video content they could previously only dream of doing.

Facebook Fundraisers Program

Facebook Nonprofit Fundraisers

Source: Facebook

Then, Facebook rolled out their nonprofit Fundraisers platform. It allowed nonprofits to develop an online following and for online audiences to donate to various causes. Without leaving Facebook’s online social media platform, that fanbase could then directly donate to the nonprofit cause.

Facebook fundraisers donate button

Source: Facebook

Nonprofits could add a donate button to their page and posts, making it easy for supporters to contribute through a one-page form on their Facebook page or re-direct supporters to the nonprofit’s website by using a “Donate Now” call to action button.

Facebook Fundraisers allowed nonprofits to reach new supporters, engage their online community and get the funding they need to continue their work. Check out the video below to see how it works:

Breakthrough in Live Donations For Nonprofits

Combining the power of Facebook’s Fundraisers Program with its Live capabilities, Facebook announced it would be expanding the Fundraisers program to include more than 750k nonprofits! In addition to that great news, nonprofits can now add a donate button to Live video events and posts! Think of the endless possibilities-show viewers live video the impact your nonprofit is doing right at that moment AND inspire people to donate!

facebook live nonprofit donations

Steps to Get Started

To get started with Facebook Live, your nonprofits’ Facebook page needs to be verified. Verified pages have a check mark next to their name on their Facebook fan page. To get verified, just CLICK HERE.

If you are a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit, sign up here to get access to the Facebook Live donations tool.

For more information on Facebook Fundraisers, go to:

If you need help producing an upcoming Facebook Live event, contact us! We can help out with pre-production, content ideas, strategy, production, and distribution. We also consult for out-of-town nonprofits.

For ideas on how your nonprofit can use Facebook Live to receive donations, CLICK HERE.

Also, be sure to check out our mega list of 45 ideas for nonprofits to use Facebook Live for maximum impact. Be sure to join Facebook’s nonprofit group, where they frequently share live video content from other nonprofits and visit the Facebook nonprofit website to learn more about how your organization can use the online social media platform for social good!