How to Get $10k FREE/mo Advertising For Your Nonprofit

How to Get $10k FREE/mo Advertising For Your Nonprofit

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Have you ever walked down the street and found a dollar laying on the ground-or better yet…a $5 bill? When we were recently searching around the internet, we stumbled upon a program administered by Google that felt the exact same way. Nowadays, it’s amazing to think that you can get free money but it’s out there. Hold onto your pants because here it is….$10,000 in free Adwords campaigns PER MONTH are available for your nonprofit organization! What to the what!? That’s right. If you need to read it again, go ahead. Most businesses struggle to keep up with an Adwords campaign with $1,000 per month but think of all the possibilities your nonprofit organization can do with $10,000 per month in FREE in-kind Adwords advertising! You could fundraise, recruit more volunteers, and share your story with audiences all around the world!

What is Adwords?
Adwords is an online pay-per-click advertising platform that Google created where you can purchase ads. By purchasing these ads, your message can be seen not only on Google but also on YouTube and various partnering websites.

What’s the Catch?
The good news is that most nonprofit organizations will qualify for this program. All of the nonprofit Grantees need to meet the following criteria:
1.) Your nonprofit organization must be based in one of 50 countries (United States is included)

2.) Apply for the Google for Nonprofits program

3.) Hold valid charity status

4.) Acknowledge and agree to Google’s required certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use.

5.) Have a live website with substantial content.

There’s one note: Governmental entities and organizations, hospitals and medical groups, schools, childcare centers, academic institutions and universities are not eligible for Google Ad Grants, but philanthropic arms of educational institutions are eligible.

That’s it! Most U.S.-based nonprofit organizations can qualify for this!

How to Stay Qualified
According to Google’s eligibility requirements, in order to maintain your eligibility for Google Ad Grants, your organization must:

Link your ads to one (and only one) website domain, which should be the same one that was approved in your initial application.

Actively manage your AdWords account by logging in once a month and making at least one change to your account every 90 days.

Your ads and keywords should match your organization’s programs and services.

Strictly commercial advertising is prohibited. If you’re promoting products or services, 100% of the proceeds must go directly to supporting your program.

Your ads must not link to pages that are primarily composed of links to other websites.

Your ads may not offer financial products (like mortgages or credit cards), nor can they request donations of cars, boats, or other property.

Your site can’t display Google AdSense ads or affiliate advertising links.

There’s Even More!
Through Google’s Grantspro program, you could even receive up to $40,000 in in-kind AdWords advertising every month instead of the standard $10,000 per month. AMAZING! If you don’t have the time or resources to manage your Adwords campaigns, they’ll even do all of that for you.

Changing the World
Now….what are you going to do with all of this extra support? Well…devote the advertising dollars you would have spent and put them into hiring us to produce an amazing video story about your nonprofit, right? …or thank us later. We’d love to hear your stories and how this blog post helped you out. Feel free to drop us a line or comment below. Ready to get started? Click here and learn: How To Apply today!