4 Ways Video Can Help Your Nonprofit Raise More Money

4 Ways Video Can Help Your Nonprofit Raise More Money

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Let’s face it…nonprofit fundraising is hard work. You’re either getting people to care about your cause enough to donate money or you’re getting previous donors to donate more…again. So, how can you connect people closer to the cause of your nonprofit? How do you get more people involved with your cause?

We all want to make the world a better place. Story and film are a powerful way to inspire action. Our nonprofit video production work in Chicago and around the world has brought more awareness, and more funding to organizations that impact their community. There are many ways nonprofits can use video to raise money, but studies show the most effective way to have people take action is to connect with them through story. Our Chicago-based video production team has seen this proven first-hand over and over. Here are four effective ideas demonstrating how your nonprofit organization can use video to increase donations:

Share Impact of Your Nonprofit’s Work
We all love hearing stories of people overcoming obstacles standing in their way. A great way to bring people into the work you do is a film centered around a single person you helped. When we see the accomplishments of a single person in a film instead of hundreds or thousands, we feel a real connection and that our contribution can make a real, tangible difference. After a video that we produced for Boys and Girls Club of Chicago was shown at a fundraising event, over $1.4 million was raised!

Share a Donor’s Story
Donating to nonprofit organizations can be a big commitment, whether it’s money or time. We have found through talking to donors, as well as through our own volunteering experiences, that being involved can be an empowering experience. Recently, Delack Media Group told the story of True Value Foundation’s volunteer work with much success. Is there a volunteer who could have benefited from your nonprofit organization at a point in their life? Are there any instances of a donor receiving much more than a tax write-off? Chances are your responses to those questions would be “Yes”, and those stories can get more people involved with your nonprofit.

Share Your Nonprofit’s Origin Story
We are strong believers in Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” and having this kind of story in video format does just that. Why does your nonprofit exist? How is your nonprofit addressing an issue? Video is a powerful way to tell your nonprofit’s founding story, starting with the why behind the work. Delack Media Group produced a branding film and PSA for Erin’s Law telling the story of the founder that was broadcast on TLC and Discovery Networks, bringing awareness to the cause Erin is championing.

Facebook Live
There may be times when you need to interact directly with your donors or potential donors. Facebook Live has the ability to be a more powerful tool than a chat box or status update. Nonprofits have been creatively using Facebook Live. In order to be successful, you’ll have to plan for your Facebook Live broadcast, which you can read more about on our blog. To make your nonprofit Facebook Live video professional, Delack Media Group’s full-scale live webcasting services can help with single or multi-camera live webcast productions.

Video can help boost your nonprofit organization’s fundraising, increase awareness, recruit volunteers or accomplish other goals but the right story has to be told in the right way. Need more help telling your nonprofit story in a video production? Contact us (http://delackmediagroup.com/#section-contact) to craft a film that will help you create the change our world needs.