The North Face Climb Festival Livestream

After a few years on hiatus, the Psicobloc Master Series returned for its post pandemic debut. Psicobloc (aka Deep Water Soloing) is a form of solo climbing over a deep body of water.

The inquiry came in about three weeks before The North Face Climb Festival Chicago was to start. The tournament organizers wanted to have the competition livestreamed on The North Face’s YouTube channel for the world to watch.

The initial tournament concept was to have the climbing wall on a barge on Lake Michigan, which would be attached to the side of Navy Pier. On its surface, this is an incredible idea and as far as we know, has never been done before. World-renowned climbers from around the globe would come to Chicago and compete. Once we heard about the event plans, we were all in.

In a matter of three short weeks, we pulled off all of the pre-production work needed for the broadcast. All of the graphics were created, site layouts were drawn, and broadcast plans were finalized.

Come the morning of the event, it started pouring rain in Chicago. We arrived at Navy Pier in Chicago to setup for the livestream broadcast and everything became more and more soaked throughout the day. Rain and electronics generally don’t do well together. However, we kept everything going for an amazing broadcast.

We had four hours to setup for the show, which included 5 cameras, a drone, host area, and multiple audio sources throughout the venue. Thanks to our mobile video production studio, setup was a lot simpler because Master Control is always setup and ready to go inside our 24′ studio.

Under a tent, the two show hosts were able to take viewers through the whole event. Winners would also join the hosts for commentary throughout the day.

Our aerial drone stole the show again with it’s beautiful aerial views of the wall, the Chicago skyline, and the golden orange sunset that graced the skyline toward the end of the broadcast.

The livestream totaled a little over five hours of broadcasting from Navy Pier. Our crew of 12 pulled off an amazing broadcast and we’re looking forward to livestreaming more events like this!

Watch the full livestream here:

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Knox College Commencement Livestream

This marked the fourth year we have provided livestreaming services for Knox College‘s Commencement ceremony in Galesburg, IL on their Old Main lawn area. This space lends itself to beautiful visuals of the ceremony with the historic building as a backdrop. This year, we provided video production, livestreaming of the ceremony to their YouTube channel, event audio, closed captioning, and large LED walls.

We covered the ceremony with five cameras, which included a 25′ jib and aerial drone. All of the cameras were switched live in our mobile production studio and streamed live to YouTube via our bonded cellular livestreaming encooder with redundant backhaul. The event was simultaneously captioned with open captions appearing on the large LED walls and closed captioning provided to YouTube viewers. Over 800 unique viewers watched the live commencement event online.

We also provided two large LED walls for for the crowds to see the speakers and graduates as they walked across the stage, as well as the closed captions. In addition, we also provided all event audio with mics on the main stage, choir and jazz band with two line arrays. Portable power generator equipment was also brought on site to support the event’s power needs.

If you have a large event that has multiple AV needs, contact us! We specialize in coordinating all logistics and ensuring your event is a success.

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Board Meeting Video and Livestreaming Rentals, Services, and Consulting

Video conference technology has become a crucial aspect of modern-day business operations, allowing people from different locations to connect in real-time without the need for travel. However, not every business has access to the required technology or trained staff to pull it off correctly. This is where our Chicago video conference equipment rental and livestreaming services can come in handy.

Recently, Thompson Chicago Hotel had the opportunity to host a Board of Directors meeting for Knox College. The College knew they needed top-of-the-line video conference equipment and support staff to ensure that the meeting would be a success. They reached out Delack Media Group knowing that we provide video conference equipment rental and livestreaming services in Chicago.

The College was going to have four simultaneous meetings at different rooms in the venue. And in each room, they needed livestreaming technology where 51 Board members could interact seamlessly with remote ZOOM participants and the ZOOM participants felt like they were actually part of the meeting.

With Board meetings nowadays, so many people are used to seeing an unmanned camera with a wide shot used for scenarios like this. We have developed a system, which eliminates the boring wide shots. When each Board member presses their microphone, our camera automatically swings to them and zooms in on the person speaking.

By using one operator per room, with our state-of-the-art system, we are able to provide live audio at the venue, livestream the meeting to remote participants, provide screens for PowerPoint presentations and pre-recorded videos, and do all of that in four simultaneous rooms. We also provided technical support to ensure that everything ran smoothly throughout the two days of meetings.

The main Board meetinge were held in a large conference room that was set up with our video conference equipment in the middle of the “U-shaped” Boardroom tables. Each Board member was able to see and hear each other clearly, even though they were not all in the same location.

One of the unique features of this setup was the ability to livestream the meeting with seamless integration with in-person and remote Board members participating. We worked with the Chicago hotel setup a secure livestream that allowed remote viewers to tune in and follow the meeting in real-time. This was particularly useful for Board members who were unable to attend in person due to travel restrictions or other reasons. Additionally, a remote guest presenter was able to give their entire presentation remotely.

Overall, the combination of video conference equipment rental and livestreaming services provided by Delack Media Group made the Board of directors meeting a great success. The College was able to provide a professional and efficient video conferencing experience for all attendees, regardless of their location. The ability to livestream the meeting also allowed for wider participation, making it a more inclusive and transparent process. As businesses continue to rely on video conferencing for remote collaboration, it’s important to have access to high-quality equipment and support to ensure that meetings run smoothly.

If you’d like to get a quote for our video conferencing system at your next Board meeting, drop us a line!

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