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Fort Wayne IN Event Video Production

Fort Wayne Indiana Conference AV Production

Grand Wayne Convention Center AV Rental

Brunswick held its annual Dealer Meeting for their Harris Boats brand at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Delack Media Group provided AV rental and video production support at the Grand Wayne Convention Center for the conference.

Grand Wayne Convention Center AV Rental

We provided a large 11.24’x20′ rear projection video screen and 25,000 lumen laser projector, which covered the background of the main stage. All video content displayed on the screen was switched by our video production team behind stage.

Fort Wayne IN Event Video Production

We also provided IMAG video of the speakers during the show so everyone attending the event could see the speakers well.

IMAG Video Production

And then while attendees were touring all of the boats in the convention center, our video crew filmed various interviews on the show floor, which were projected live onto the large stage screen.

Fort Wayne IN Livestreaming

We can even provide your own customized conference event TV channel and produce custom video content that’s updated live throughout your event on screens that are placed throughout the venue.

Conference Custom Channel Production

If you are organizing an upcoming conference or event and need AV rental, video production support, livestreaming, or show production, our team of professionals is ready to take your event to the next level! Contact us today to get the conversation started.

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3D Drone Building

Ryerson is a leading processor and distributor of metals, with operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and China.

For this video production, Ryerson wanted to show what their new Centralia, Washington facility would look like. Just outside Seattle and Portland, this 214,000 square foot facility will be state of the art with advanced metal processing capabilities.

Before the facility was even built, Ryerson wanted to promote their new metal manufacturing facility. Our concept was to fly the aerial drone and capture video footage of the vacant site and overlay the new building on top of the live action drone footage.

Using the CAD drawings and site plans, we were able to determine the best angles to film the empty lot with the drone. To achieve the desired final result of this video production, we had to find the right day to fly the drone. Wind speeds, lighting, and time of day were all factors for us to consider.

The aerial drone video footage was filmed in a flat picture profile so that we had maximum latitude in post production for color grading and correction. Video footage was captured at various angles and altitudes and with various movements.

Then, using the CAD drawings, we created the building in a 3D space. That building was then overlaid onto the moving aerial drone video footage. Everything was edited to music and exported in HD.

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Ox Box // 3D Product Animation

3D product animation is becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing space. We produced this 3D product animation video for Ox Box, a corrugated box/shipping and storage container manufacturing company in the Chicago suburbs.

The manufacturing company developed a new shipping kit product and wanted to market it with video on their website, social media and at trade shows. Instead of filming the container in a manufacturing facility or a warehouse, we opted to use 3D animation so the viewer could easily see the components of the kit and how it sets up and knocks down in seconds.

The first stage of our video production project was to develop a script. We analyzed current marketing language and developed a script that targeted the manufacturing company’s target audience. From there, we created a storyboard for each scene based on the product photos. We held a casting to select a voiceover, searched for the right music, and 3D animated all of the scenes.

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