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Saint Procopius Catholic School Recruiting and Fundraising Video

The principal at St. Procopius Catholic School in Chicago, Illinois wanted to put a video on their school’s website, which would highlight the school’s activities, unique dual-language curriculum, and programs for fundraising and recruiting purposes. We partnered with the school’s staff to create a script that would communicate the message they wanted to convey to viewers. The primary audience was a web audience, who would view the video on the school’s main homepage. Because the school has a strong Spanish-speaking enrollment, we coordinated tryouts to hire the perfect professional voiceover talent with dual-language skills. Our production team filmed the school in one day with a High Definition tape-based video camera, camera crane, and Steadicam.

Here’s how the video appeared on the school’s homepage:

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St. Hyacinth Basilica School Web Video

St. Hyacinth Basilica School wanted to post a video on their homepage for prospective students. The purpose of the video was to show all of the programs, activities, and academics that students have access to at the school. Administrators wanted the personalities of their students and staff to be highlighted in the video. We worked with the school on a script that would communicate all of the wonderful attributes of the school. Our crew filmed for one day at their Chicago, Illinois campus with our High Definition video equipment, camera crane, Steadicam, and DSLR (5d mark ii) camera.

Update: The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Chicago’s Catholic schools had the best enrollment since 1965. St. Hyacinth’s principal, AnneMarie Mahay was cited in the article as saying their school’s enrollment, “Jumped from 105 last September to 186 this Fall.” When asked if the video we produced had any effect on increased enrollment in the school, Aranzazu Tatyana Rodriguez, Director of Marketing and Development at St. Hyacinth Basilica School said, “I think the video definitely helped. Many of our new families liked the video and watched it to get a feel for the school community here at St. Hyacinth. It’s definitely been a great marketing tool to showcase during fairs that we have gone to and special events. Thank you once again for your great work!”

Here’s how they integrated the video into their homepage:

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