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5 Ways: How Video Marketing Can Help Schools Recruit New Students

We recently produced a film for St. Anne Parish School in Barrington, Illinois. The parochial school specializes in teaching the whole child and has a unique culture. Through this film, we were able to take viewers inside the school and show how it’s so unique.

In today’s competitive educational landscape, parochial schools face the challenge of attracting and recruiting new students to maintain their enrollment numbers. With the rise of digital media and the increasing influence of video content, leveraging video marketing has become an essential tool for private and parochial schools to showcase their unique offerings and connect with prospective families. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of video marketing in the recruitment process and how it can help schools stand out from the crowd.

Engaging Visual Storytelling:
Video marketing allows private schools to create compelling narratives that effectively communicate their mission, values, and academic programs. By presenting an engaging visual story, schools can evoke emotions, capture attention, and leave a lasting impact on viewers. Through carefully crafted videos, schools can showcase their culture, staff, campus facilities, student life, extracurricular activities, and academic achievements, enabling prospective students and their families to envision themselves as part of the school community.

Building Trust and Credibility:
Private schools often focus on building trust and establishing their credibility within the education sector. Video marketing provides a platform for schools to showcase testimonials from current students, alumni, and parents, sharing their positive experiences and the transformative impact the school has had on their lives. These authentic testimonials serve as social proof and can significantly influence the decision-making process of prospective families, instilling confidence in the quality of education provided by the school.

Personalized and Targeted Communication:
Every private and parochial school has a unique value proposition and target audience. Video marketing enables schools to tailor their messaging to specific demographic segments and engage with prospective families on a more personal level. By understanding their target market, schools can create videos that address the specific needs and aspirations of different student profiles. Whether highlighting a specialized academic program, showcasing the school’s diversity, or featuring successful alumni, personalized video content resonates with viewers and enhances the chances of attracting the right students.

Expanding Reach and Accessibility:
With the widespread use of social media and online platforms, video marketing provides an opportunity for private schools to expand their reach beyond traditional marketing channels. Sharing videos on various platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and school websites, allows schools to reach a broader audience, including international students and their families. Videos can be easily shared and circulated, increasing the chances of reaching potential students who may not have been previously aware of the school’s existence.

Showcasing Innovation and Technology Integration:
Many private and parochial schools pride themselves on offering innovative educational approaches and embracing cutting-edge technology. Video marketing offers an ideal platform to demonstrate how these schools incorporate technology into their curriculum, teaching methods, and campus infrastructure. Whether showcasing state-of-the-art science laboratories, coding programs, or virtual reality learning experiences, videos can highlight the school’s commitment to providing a modern and forward-thinking education.

In an era dominated by digital media, private schools must adapt their recruitment strategies to remain competitive. Embracing video marketing allows schools to engage and connect with prospective families in a dynamic and visually appealing manner. Through the power of storytelling, personalized messaging, and the ability to showcase their unique offerings, private schools can differentiate themselves and attract new students who resonate with their educational vision. By leveraging video marketing effectively, private schools can secure a strong and diverse student body, ensuring their continued success in the ever-evolving educational landscape.

If you’re looking to start using video marketing in your school recruitment strategy, reach out to us! We’d welcome the opportunity to develop a custom video marketing plan for your school.

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School Referendums: The Benefits Of Using Video

School district referendums are crucial for providing the necessary resources and funding to maintain and improve educational facilities. However, because of the complexity of school district referendums, they can be challenging to effectively communicate all of their facets to different audiences such as the community, staff, and students. The use of video can be a powerful tool for educating and engaging people about a school district’s upcoming referendum.

Videos are more engaging and memorable than traditional methods of communication such as newsletters, brochures, websites, email blasts, PowerPoints or speeches. They allow viewers to see and hear the message, which makes it easier to understand and retain. Videos can also convey emotions, tone, and body language, making them more memorable and impactful.

When it comes to a school district’s referendum, videos can be used to showcase the current conditions of the school district’s facilities and infrastructure, highlight the improvements and upgrades that are needed, and provide an overview of the referendum’s goals and objectives. The videos can also explain how passing a referendum could benefit the school district and its community.

We were hired by Lake Forest Community High School District 115 to educate their community about the proposed $105.7 million 20-year bond referendum. Through a series of videos, we were able to show viewers inside the historic 88-year-old building. Voters passed the referendum, which will support important improvements to significantly extend the useful life of the school district’s buildings, reduce costly emergency repairs, enhance safety and security, and improve ADA accessibility.

Using video to educate the community, staff, and students about the school district’s upcoming referendum can also be more inclusive. Videos can be translated into different languages or have closed captioning, making it easier for non-English speakers and people with hearing impairments to understand the message.

Video content can be distributed through various channels such as social media, school websites, and newsletters. It can also be played during school events, parent-teacher conferences, and community meetings. By using a variety of distribution channels, the school can reach a broader audience and increase the chances of a successful referendum.

All of the school referendum campaigns we have worked on have passed voter approval. Video is a powerful tool for educating and engaging the community, staff, and students about a school districts’s upcoming referendum. The power of using video in any referendum project should not be discounted. By using video content and distributing it through various channels, school districts can effectively educate community stakeholders so voters can make informed decisions.

To view more of the successful school referendum campaigns we have worked on, CLICK HERE.

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Township High School District 113 Teacher and Staff Profile Video Series

Township High School District 113, which covers Deerfield High School and Highland Park High School in Chicago’s North Shore, hired Delack Media Group to produce a series of teacher profile videos.

The District 113 vision states they have a “Passion for potential, everyone, everywhere.” That passion for student potential is realized because of the teachers and staff. Through this video production, we’re able to take a unique look inside these public high school classrooms from the educator’s lens. We sit down and talk to them about the passion for excellence in District 113 that drives the passion for student’s potential.

Through this video series, the Deerfield and Highland Park communities were able to see what it’s like inside the classroom and hear the educator’s passion in their own words.

Each of the videos in this series were released to their school communities on a monthly basis throughout the school year on the school district’s website, school websites, email newsletter, and shown during the Board meetings.

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