Chicago Webcast Video Production

Webcast Event For Chicago Non Profit

Chicago-based Non Profit, The Wetlands Initiative, contacted Delack Media Group with a unique challenge. In conjunction with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service & the Lt. Governor of Illinois’ office, they planned to make a very historic announcement about an area of land in Hennepin,...
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Abe’s Market Live Webcast

Abe’s Market is an online all natural/eco-friendly/organic marketplace. Sellers throughout the country are able to market their products on the Abe’s Market website, which are then sold and shipped throughout the world. Abe’s Market founders came to us with the vision of wanting to have...
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nonprofit video ideas

4 Ways Video Can Help Your Nonprofit Raise More Money

Let’s face it…nonprofit fundraising is hard work. You’re either getting people to care about your cause enough to donate money or you’re getting previous donors to donate more…again. So, how can you connect people closer to the cause of your nonprofit? How do you get...
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