7 Tips: How To Plan An Effective Live Stream For Your Next Event

7 Tips: How To Plan An Effective Live Stream For Your Next Event

Since the pandemic, live streaming of in-person events is now almost expected by most audiences. People may not be able to attend your event in person for a myriad of reasons. And while you may love to have them in person, it may just not be possible for them. And abandoning that audience entirely may be ill advised. So, many event planners are engaging a professional live streaming company to ensure your next event is live streamed without a hitch.

When you reach out to our team about how to live stream your next event, we’ll want to know a few things:
We aren’t always available on every date. So knowing the date(s) of your event, start and end time of the live stream, and location will help. We’ll also need to know when we can start setting up our equipment. Some venues are only available on the day of the event. If so, what time do the doors open? Condensing setup times may require additional staffing to pull off in an expedited timeframe. Some live streaming setups are quite elaborate and could require a day or two of setup and other setups can be done on the same day as your event. Having these discussions early on helps us to provide an accurate quote for your job.

How Many People?
While it may be hard to gauge how many people will actually watch your online event, you may have a general feeling. Is it a few hundred people, few thousand or several hundred thousand or more? Knowing this general idea will help us to guide you about which platform you may want to use for delivering your live stream and how we can help to ensure that will have enough bandwidth to service the many simultaneous viewers you plant to have watching online.

Which Platform?
There are many platforms we can use to live stream your event (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc). There are positives and negatives to each platform and we’d be happy to walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each. You may want to also consider driving traffic directly to your website, where you can develop a custom landing page for your event. It’s a place where your audience is familiar and you can offer PDF downloads, speaker bios, schedules, donate buttons, etc. all in a branded experience.

Ticketed vs Non-ticketed, Password Protected vs Public
Do you want anyone to be able to view your event or is it something that you’d like to put behind a paywall or password protected site? All of these are options and should be considerations during your pre-event planning stages.

Will you need to provide live closed captions for your online audience? If so, does it need to be in multiple languages or is English acceptable? Depending on your needs, we have several ways to deliver multilingual events with captions.

Pre-Produced Content
Do we need to pre-produce any content for your event?
-Show Open/Close
-Lower third name/title graphics
-Video packages

How Many Cameras?
Knowing more about your venue and the number of people you plan to have for your in-person event may help us to determine this but we’ll need to figure out how many cameras we’ll need for your event. When you provide more details about what’s happening, who will be there, where things will occur…those are all helpful details for us to figure out how many cameras we might need to appropriately cover your event.

Working with a professional live streaming video production company like Delack Media Group will help ensure your event is well produced. We have the experience of live streaming many events and know how to anticipate potential issues and plan around them so your online viewers have a great experience!