5 Tips For Using Video After An Event

5 Tips For Using Video After An Event

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Your corporate event was a success! You have all sorts of great video content. Now what? Getting more eyes on events helps event organizers, attendees, and sponsors get more return on their investment.

Tip 1: Know Your Online Audience
The audience who follows you on Facebook is different than the audience who might watch your YouTube channel or like your Instagram posts or retweet your Tweets. Through the power of analytics, you can see demographics for your online audience and when (day of the week & time) they like to engage with your posts. Get familiar with those analytics before you post anything!

Tip 2: Leverage The Power of Social Media

We recently produced a video for a nonprofit organization in Chicago. An audience of more than 1,000 supporters, civic and business leaders, and members’ families packed Navy Pier’s Grand Ballroom. After the video was shown, the nonprofit raised over $250,000 during a paddle raise…a record for the event! What happened after the event was even more amazing. We posted the video online. The video received 2,000 views in less than 24 hours! By posting the video online, we just tripled their audience in a day. Here is one of the comments made on Facebook, which demonstrates the power of video:
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Tip 3: Event Snippets

Show your online audience snippets of the various speeches. Create different types of video content for different platforms. Give them :15, :30, & :60 previews. Then, you can monetize the longer content.

Tip 4: Customize Sponsor Thank Yous

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Let’s face it-hosting an event isn’t cheap. Did you have some big name sponsors that really helped you pull it all together? Thank them! Going back to our nonprofit organization event example from above, all sponsors received a custom ‘Thank You’ DVD. At the beginning of the DVD, children from the nonprofit organization thanked each sponsor for supporting the event. Imagine what it must have been like for a CEO from a Fortune 500 to pop in the DVD and hear a custom “Thank You” message tailored to them!

Tip 5: Event Highlights

Having a recap of the speeches is a fun way to relive the whole event. For those who were unable to attend, they can watch what they missed from viewing a well-crafted video. By showing people how fun your event was, you’ll also be able to increase future ticket sales.