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The North Face Climb Festival Livestream

After a few years on hiatus, the Psicobloc Master Series returned for its post pandemic debut. Psicobloc (aka Deep Water Soloing) is a form of solo climbing over a deep body of water.

The inquiry came in about three weeks before The North Face Climb Festival Chicago was to start. The tournament organizers wanted to have the competition livestreamed on The North Face’s YouTube channel for the world to watch.

The initial tournament concept was to have the climbing wall on a barge on Lake Michigan, which would be attached to the side of Navy Pier. On its surface, this is an incredible idea and as far as we know, has never been done before. World-renowned climbers from around the globe would come to Chicago and compete. Once we heard about the event plans, we were all in.

In a matter of three short weeks, we pulled off all of the pre-production work needed for the broadcast. All of the graphics were created, site layouts were drawn, and broadcast plans were finalized.

Come the morning of the event, it started pouring rain in Chicago. We arrived at Navy Pier in Chicago to setup for the livestream broadcast and everything became more and more soaked throughout the day. Rain and electronics generally don’t do well together. However, we kept everything going for an amazing broadcast.

We had four hours to setup for the show, which included 5 cameras, a drone, host area, and multiple audio sources throughout the venue. Thanks to our mobile video production studio, setup was a lot simpler because Master Control is always setup and ready to go inside our 24′ studio.

Under a tent, the two show hosts were able to take viewers through the whole event. Winners would also join the hosts for commentary throughout the day.

Our aerial drone stole the show again with it’s beautiful aerial views of the wall, the Chicago skyline, and the golden orange sunset that graced the skyline toward the end of the broadcast.

The livestream totaled a little over five hours of broadcasting from Navy Pier. Our crew of 12 pulled off an amazing broadcast and we’re looking forward to livestreaming more events like this!

Watch the full livestream here:

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How To Use Video For Marketing Your Conference

Video has become a powerful online marketing tool for capturing attention, engaging audiences, and conveying messages effectively. If you’re organizing an upcoming conference, leveraging the power of video marketing can significantly enhance your event’s online marketing reach. In this blog post, we will explore how you can use video to market your conference and create a buzz that attracts attendees, sponsors, and stakeholders.

Create an Engaging Conference Trailer:
Start by producing a captivating conference trailer that highlights the key themes, speakers, and activities of your event. Craft a compelling script, choose dynamic visuals, and incorporate energizing music to create a sense of excitement. Share this trailer across your conference website, social media platforms, and email campaigns to generate interest and anticipation. Click “Main Promo” in the video above to see how we did it! We also produced a series of shorter horizontal and vertical videos to distribute on social media as well.

Introduce Your Speakers:
Video interviews with your conference speakers provide an excellent opportunity to showcase their expertise and generate excitement among potential attendees. Conduct short interviews or ask your speakers to share their thoughts on the conference topics. We recommend these videos be in a vertical format to post on social news feeds and stories. These short videos can offer a glimpse of what attendees can expect and they will build credibility for your event.

Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peeks:
To build anticipation and engage your audience, create behind-the-scenes videos that give viewers an exclusive look at the conference preparation process. Capture moments such as venue selection, stage setup, speaker rehearsals, or the setup of exhibition booths. Such videos humanize your event, create a personal connection with your audience, and make them feel like they are a part of its journey.

Speaker Teasers:
Release short teaser videos featuring snippets of your speaker’s presentations. We recommend these be in a vertical format for posting on news feeds or stories to give potential attendees a taste of the insightful content they can expect at your conference. Highlight the key takeaways, surprising facts, or intriguing questions your speakers will address, enticing viewers to attend and learn more. And if they can’t attend in-person, its important to offer an online live stream as well. See our article: 7 Tips: How to Plan an Effective Live Stream for Your Next Event.

Testimonials from Past Attendees:
Leverage the power of social proof by creating videos featuring testimonials from previous conference attendees. Ask them to share their experiences, key learnings, and the value they got from attending. These testimonials can instill confidence in potential attendees and provide valuable insights into the benefits of attending your conference.

Event Highlight Reels:
Capture the most exciting moments from your conference and compile them into a visually appealing highlight reel. This video should capture the energy, networking opportunities, and overall experience of the event. Share the highlight reel on social media and your conference website to showcase the vibrant atmosphere and encourage future attendees.

Live Streaming and Digitally Ticked Video On-Demand Recordings:
Consider live streaming keynote presentations, panel discussions, or other significant segments of your conference. This allows remote audiences to participate virtually and increases your event’s accessibility. It can also increase revenue and provide opportunities for sponsors to have their logo receive more exposure. Additionally, record sessions throughout the conference and offer on-demand access to attendees post-event. Provide the VOD option for an additional fee. This enhances the value of attending and provides an opportunity for those who missed out to catch up on valuable content.

Video marketing is a powerful tool to generate excitement, engage audiences, and increase the reach of your upcoming conference. By creating captivating trailers, showcasing speakers, providing behind-the-scenes glimpses, and sharing testimonials, you can create a buzz that attracts attendees and sponsors.

Need help with video marketing and live streaming for your next event? Reach out to us! Embrace the power of video marketing to make your conference an unforgettable experience that participants eagerly anticipate year after year.

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5 Ways: How Video Marketing Can Help Schools Recruit New Students

We recently produced a film for St. Anne Parish School in Barrington, Illinois. The parochial school specializes in teaching the whole child and has a unique culture. Through this film, we were able to take viewers inside the school and show how it’s so unique.

In today’s competitive educational landscape, parochial schools face the challenge of attracting and recruiting new students to maintain their enrollment numbers. With the rise of digital media and the increasing influence of video content, leveraging video marketing has become an essential tool for private and parochial schools to showcase their unique offerings and connect with prospective families. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of video marketing in the recruitment process and how it can help schools stand out from the crowd.

Engaging Visual Storytelling:
Video marketing allows private schools to create compelling narratives that effectively communicate their mission, values, and academic programs. By presenting an engaging visual story, schools can evoke emotions, capture attention, and leave a lasting impact on viewers. Through carefully crafted videos, schools can showcase their culture, staff, campus facilities, student life, extracurricular activities, and academic achievements, enabling prospective students and their families to envision themselves as part of the school community.

Building Trust and Credibility:
Private schools often focus on building trust and establishing their credibility within the education sector. Video marketing provides a platform for schools to showcase testimonials from current students, alumni, and parents, sharing their positive experiences and the transformative impact the school has had on their lives. These authentic testimonials serve as social proof and can significantly influence the decision-making process of prospective families, instilling confidence in the quality of education provided by the school.

Personalized and Targeted Communication:
Every private and parochial school has a unique value proposition and target audience. Video marketing enables schools to tailor their messaging to specific demographic segments and engage with prospective families on a more personal level. By understanding their target market, schools can create videos that address the specific needs and aspirations of different student profiles. Whether highlighting a specialized academic program, showcasing the school’s diversity, or featuring successful alumni, personalized video content resonates with viewers and enhances the chances of attracting the right students.

Expanding Reach and Accessibility:
With the widespread use of social media and online platforms, video marketing provides an opportunity for private schools to expand their reach beyond traditional marketing channels. Sharing videos on various platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and school websites, allows schools to reach a broader audience, including international students and their families. Videos can be easily shared and circulated, increasing the chances of reaching potential students who may not have been previously aware of the school’s existence.

Showcasing Innovation and Technology Integration:
Many private and parochial schools pride themselves on offering innovative educational approaches and embracing cutting-edge technology. Video marketing offers an ideal platform to demonstrate how these schools incorporate technology into their curriculum, teaching methods, and campus infrastructure. Whether showcasing state-of-the-art science laboratories, coding programs, or virtual reality learning experiences, videos can highlight the school’s commitment to providing a modern and forward-thinking education.

In an era dominated by digital media, private schools must adapt their recruitment strategies to remain competitive. Embracing video marketing allows schools to engage and connect with prospective families in a dynamic and visually appealing manner. Through the power of storytelling, personalized messaging, and the ability to showcase their unique offerings, private schools can differentiate themselves and attract new students who resonate with their educational vision. By leveraging video marketing effectively, private schools can secure a strong and diverse student body, ensuring their continued success in the ever-evolving educational landscape.

If you’re looking to start using video marketing in your school recruitment strategy, reach out to us! We’d welcome the opportunity to develop a custom video marketing plan for your school.

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