The Royal Wedding Without Video?

The Royal Wedding Without Video?


According to The Knot’s most recent Real Wedding Survey, in 2010, U.S. couples spent 5% of their wedding budget on videography. When you compare this percentage with other parts of a wedding budget: 45% reception venue, 11% band, 20% jewelry, 9% photography, you can quickly see that video is towards the bottom of the list. In fact, it has been said that videography is usually one of the last priorities on a bride’s checklist.


Can you imagine having the Royal Wedding without video coverage? There would be no internet clips, no live television broadcast…no moving imagery whatsoever. You would only have still photos and a bunch of written quotes to remember this amazing day. Granted, this wedding was on a much larger scale than most, but the idea of not being able to re-live that day without video is astonishing. Then, why are so many brides foregoing video?

Imagine….One of your Father’s favorite prized possessions was a photo of you. You were three years old and peeking out the window (on your tipy toes), waiting for your father to come home from work. Fast forward to your wedding day. Your Dad gets up at your reception for the much-anticipated Father of the Bride speech. You had no idea that your Dad was saving this photo for all those years. In the middle of his speech, he starts to break down and cry, handing over that photo to your new husband. Amazing moment, right? Check out this wedding trailer, because that’s exactly happened during this wedding:

Can you imagine not having this moment on video? Think of all the wonderful things that will be said during your ceremony and the reception. Without video, those memories will be…just that…memories. Just to be clear, we’re not against photography. In fact, quite the opposite. We think photography is a good compliment to cinema. However, a wedding film can capture the moving images and audio that still photos can’t.

When sitting down with your wedding budget, make sure you allocate enough for wedding cinematography. Many wedding videographers charge between $500-$2000 to videotape your wedding (for the difference between videographers and cinematographers, view this post). Wedding cinematographers can typically charge between $3,000-$10,000. There’s a reason why cinematography costs more (probably a topic for another blog post), but if you talk to our clients, they will say that the wedding film they received was one of the most important things they have to remember their wedding day.