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Gina + Brian // Renaissance Schaumburg


Gina and Brian knew of eachother in high school. Gina even attended a few of Brian’s house parties. It wasn’t until the two were put together on the same dance floor at the same time at a Schaumburg club that Brian swept Gina off her feet.

With her mom, Gina owns a busy hair salon and Brian is a firefighter/paramedic. They both are busy. When the time came for Brian to “pop the question”, he had to find a time when both of them were off work, which was hard. Brian found an day that seemed to work perfectly…until the night before. Brian found out there was an engagement party to which they were both invited. So, Brian hatched a scheme were he’d fall ill and needed to stay home. One of Gina’s friends was also in on the surprise and told Gina she needed consoling because she was upset. Being the good friend that Gina was, she stayed home from the party to console her friend.

The three were walking around Gina and Brian’s favorite lake. As they turned a corner, Brian looked at Gina with the biggest smile and pointed to a white gazebo where 20 of their closest friends (and both their moms) were holding up signs that said, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Brian then got down on one knee and proposed to Gina. Gina was stunned and said “YES!”

Venue: Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel
Hair: Kate Nelson
Kristin Best 847-651-9995
Paulina with Don Stella 224-409-9199
Makeup: Monica Tassi 708-837-7876 or

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