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Chicago Wedding Chinese Door Game

Xiaoxiao + Lee // Chicago Cultural Center


Xiaoxiao and Lee have a true story of love. They met in college. Xiaoxiao was a freshman and Lee was a senior. After her freshman year, Xiaoxiao transferred to USC in LA and Lee went on to attend medical school. They didn’t talk for three years, but as fate would have it, Lee was doing an internship in LA. They eventually reconnected on Labor Day of 2009. While visiting friends in Chicago, they decided to go on their first date at the Signature Lounge in Chicago that weekend. After a year of long-distance dating, they both moved to Chicago. Lee proposed to Xiaoxiao in New York while they were riding on a rickshaw and they got married at the Chicago Cultural Center on their 4th year anniversary!!
Chicago Wedding Chinese Door Game
In this trailer, you’ll see a Chinese wedding tradition called a “Door Game”. Before the wedding ceremony, the groom and his Heng Dais (groomsmen) are stopped at the bride’s front door by the Tze Muis (bridesmaids). The groom won’t be allowed to see his bride until his Heng Dais have passed all the tests that are created by the Tze Muis. These tests typically include all sorts of requests…from obscure to difficult. The bride is usually on the other side of the door listening in on the fun. The groom will also have Li Shi (Chinese-made red envelopes with money) in his pocket. He will give the envelopes to children for good luck and the rest is given to the Tze Muis.

After the tasks are completed, the groom is then permitted to open the door and see his beautiful bride. In this case, Lee and his groomsmen completed all their tasks. Lee was then permitted to open the door and expected to see Xiaoxiao. Instead, Xiaoxiao’s dad was on the other side with a veil on him. Needless to say, it brightened the whole mood of what became a wonderful day in Chicago. The reason behind the Chinese door games is to prove that the Tze Muis are not prepared to let their good friend go so easily and to see how much the groom really loves the bride.

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