Melissa + Wesley // Centered Chef Chicago

Centered Chef Wedding

Melissa + Wesley // Centered Chef Chicago


Melissa and Wesley had known each other since grade school but their groups of friends never crossed paths…that was until their Junior year of high school. Melissa wanted to attend prom with her best friend and her boyfriend. Being the thoughtful person she is, Melissa wanted her best friend’s boyfriend to have a good time at prom. So, she asked his best friend (Wesley) to be her date. Melissa says they had a great time that evening. The four of them continued seeing each other throughout that Summer. Melissa and Wesley began officially dating in June.

Eight years later, Wesley proposed during a beautiful sunset at a spot the two enjoyed visiting throughout their teenage years. On that same day, Melissa bought Wesley a watch he’d been eyeing. On the back of the watch was an inscription, “Will you marry me?” Needless to say, it was a mutual proposal.

Chicago Wedding Venue: Centered Chef
Bridal Hair/Makeup: Sabrina with Spa Bleu
Floral: Flowers By Stem
DJ: Toast & Jam DJs
Photography: Melissa Jordan Photography
Cinematography: Delack Media Group