Bhumi and Vimal

Bhumi and Vimal


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Vimal is part of the Indian percussion drum group, called Tabla Dhol, so it’s only fitting that music was important in their wedding. Bhumi and Vimal had a traditional Indian wedding ceremony, which was held at the Holiday Inn Skokie.

They started outside with the Groom’s procession, led by dhol drummers and all their family/friends. Inside, Bhumi made quite an entrance (see trailer). After the ceremony, the Bride’s family said goodbye to them. Their reception was full of bhangra music, dancers, and performances. The night was topped off when Vimal grabbed the dhol drum and played along with bhangra tunes, mixed by the extremely talented Pardeep of Monu Creative Sounds. Enjoy this Indian wedding video trailer as it captures the more emotional parts of their day.