Author: Nathan Delack

Trump Chicago Wedding Video

21 Aug Lauren + Sebastian // St. James + Trump Hotel Chicago


Call it serendipity or just pure luck. One night, Lauren and Sebastian were both at the same Chicago bar. The bartender was holding a contest. For those who wanted to give their shirt to the bartender, they’d receive a free beer. Sebastian’s brother said during his speech that Sebastian was never one to miss out on a free beer. So, Sebastian removed his shirt. The bartender took the shirt and threw it in the air at the crowd. The shirt landed right on Laruen’s face. Sebastian’s brother called it fate, which was pointing Sebastian in the direction of his future. Whatever direction you may travel, we wish you two best of luck in your married future together!

Ceremony: St. James Chapel at the Archbishop Quigley Center (Chicago, Illinois)
Reception: Trump International Hotel & Tower (Chicago, Illinois)
Design: Heffernan Morgan Ronsley Event Design and Production
Makeup: Wendy City Faces
Band: Bradley Young Entertainment
Photography: David Wittig Photography
Cinematography: Delack Media Group

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Milwaukee Wisconsin Wedding Video

12 Aug Jennifer + Jimmy // Milwaukee


Jennifer best tells the story of how she and Jimmy met and eventually fell in love:

“We met more than six years ago – at a wedding! Jimmy’s college roommate married a good friend of mine from work. I went to the wedding out of town without a date and not knowing anyone but the bride. I saw Jimmy at the cocktail hour and thought “he’s cute, wonder if he’s single?”

Turns out that day was also Jimmy’s birthday, so I went up to him on the dance floor and wished him a happy birthday. He lived in another state and we started to date very casually for a few months when he would come to Chicago for work, but eventually with the distance, it just sort of faded away. But before we lost touch, he sent me a birthday card – what he wrote was sweet and touching so I kept it in a box with other cards and letters.

Five years went by… and in the Summer of 2012, I was going through that box of cards and re-read the birthday card he gave me. Something in my soul told me that he was someone very special and I hadn’t given him enough of a chance the first time around. I decided I had nothing to lose and possibly a great relationship to gain, so I took a chance and reached out.

His birthday was a few days later, so I sent him a message through Facebook because I didn’t have a current email or phone number. He responded – he was living overseas for work but was getting ready to take some time off and travel. It took a few months, but he contacted me when he came to Chicago. We had dinner and I was instantly smitten and I hoped he might be too.

He traveled for a couple more months while we talked and texted. Finally he came back to Chicago right after Christmas last year. We had our first official date of what we call “take two” of our relationship – and a couple weeks later he moved to Chicago and eventually found a job here. We got engaged in October – just over 9 months from our first date of “take two.” We’re so happy we found each other again and look forward to the rest of our lives together.”

Planner: Amanda Felsman with Tailored Engagements
Ceremony Venue: St. Monica (Whitefish Bay, WI)
Reception Venue: Pfister Hotel (Milwaukee, WI)
Photo Session: Lake Park in Milwaukee
Photography: m three studio
Cinematography: Delack Media Group

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