10 Tips for Hiring The Perfect Wedding Photographer

10 Tips for Hiring The Perfect Wedding Photographer


How to Hire a Chicago Wedding Photographer
Hiring the perfect wedding photographer can be hard. Use these ten tips, provided by Robyn Lindemann of Robyn Rachel Photography. She talked about them during one of our series of interactive, educational webcasts about How to Choose a Wedding Photographer:

1. Find a photographer that works with your personality.
2. Think about getting an engagement session, this way you can use these pictures for save the date cards and you can get to know your photographer.
3. Ask the photographer how much Photoshop they use while editing their photos. You want to be prepared for what your final product will look like.
4. Ask about turnaround time- how long will it take for you to receive your pictures?
5. Think about doing a first look with your fiancé right before you walk down the aisle.
6. Think about whether or not you want an unplugged event.
7. Try not to take up too much time with family photos after the ceremony; you don’t need to subdivide each side of the family. Try bigger groups for these pictures.
8. Have a list of things you want the photographers to take pictures of.
9. If doing a destination wedding, think about finding a local photographer and bringing them with you. This way, you get to know your photographer before the wedding day.
10. Test your hair and makeup before the big day. That way, you will know you’ll love it and your pictures will turn out great.