10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Wedding Band

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Wedding Band


Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Wedding Band
Are you interested in hiring a wedding band? The choices can be overwhelming. Consider this list of ten tips you should consider when looking to hire a wedding band in Chicago or any state. The list was created during our series of live interactive webcasts by Toni DiDonato of Rendezvous Music, a Chicago-based wedding and event music company:

1. What kind of music should my wedding band play?
Choose a wedding band that will play more than just one type of music. You will most likely have a variety of people at your wedding. So, be sure whatever music the band plays will get a reaction out of everyone.

2. Should I have the band playing the whole time?
When you have a band that plays through the whole evening and not just after dinner, it makes the whole night flow. This way it doesn’t seem choppy and there won’t be any awkward downtime.

3. What kind of party do I want for my wedding?
If you want a sophisticated event with string musicians or a party that mainly focuses on dancing, make sure to communicate that to the bands you are interviewing. This will make it easier to communicate what you want.

4. Should I book my wedding band through an agency?
You can. It might make it easier; looking for bands online to go to them directly can be daunting. If you don’t want to go through an agency, the best way to find a band is through word-of-mouth. Are there any previous weddings or parties you attended that had bands? Would you be interested in hiring them? Ask around!

5. How soon should I book my wedding band?
Most bands usually book a year to a year-and-a-half in advance, so start the process as soon as you can! If you have a specific band that you want to play at your wedding, have a couple dates in mind and try to plan accordingly with them. This also applies if you have a specific venue, caterer, or photographer you want.

6. What should I expect to pay for a wedding band?
For a prime Saturday spot during wedding season, expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $18,000. This all depends on how many pieces of the band you want, how long you want them to play, and if you want them to travel out-of-state for your event.

7. How do I tailor the band’s music to my wedding?
Make sure you have your personal preference of music playing, but don’t have too much of it. You don’t want to play the same type of music because it might not necessarily keep the party going. Have a variety but don’t diverge from what you want.

8. Is it important that my band rehearse before the wedding?
A good question to ask is-how often they rehearse. One or two times a month would be a good answer. You want to make sure they are up-to-speed on current music and will sing any special requests you have well.

9. Should I get liability insurance?
Some venues require liability insurance so it depends on where you have your reception. Check with your venue and your wedding band on their recommendations.

10. How long does an average band play at a wedding?
A band will usually end up playing 4 to 5 hours. In that amount of time, they can end up playing 60-75 songs.

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