True Value Foundation



The True Value Foundation is a Chicago nonprofit that was founded by the True Value Company. True Value Company employees give back to the community with mentorship and service to the Boys & Girls Clubs and United Way organizations.

What We Made

We were hired to produce a series of YouTube videos about the True Value Foundation’s mentorship program with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago. One of the videos focused on the program from the employee's perspective. Another video focused on the program from the student's perspective..

How We Did It

We followed around the True Value Company employees as they volunteered at the Chicago nonprofit. Our crew included a Sony A7Sii camera, Ronin M, and an audio operator. Post production video services included producing the series of videos, coloring, audio mix, and editing.

How We Delivered It

The series of videos were posted on the corporation's YouTube channel, shared on social media, and promoted through sponsored posts.

True Value Foundation