Pavlis Furs



The store is in Arlington Heights, Illinois, which is a Northwest suburb of Chicago. Angelo Pavlis is a fourth-generation furrier. He learned the trade from his father’s training in Kastoria, Greece; which is one of the world’s largest fur manufacturing towns. Each of the designs you’ll see at Pavlis Furs are handcrafted and handmade by Angelo Pavlis and his team of artisans.

We are very happy with the film

What We Made

We took a storytelling approach with this video and wanted to show viewers the true craftsmanship that goes into creating the designs..

How We Did It

We used our DSLR cameras, Glidecam, and Jib to create this video. You’ll see many scenes in black and white, which we believe add to the old world style of the message.

How We Delivered It

We worked with the client's web designer to allocate space on their homepage for the video. We compressed the video for optimal online viewing quality and uploaded the video to YouTube with search engine optimized keywords.

Pavlis Furs