High Jump Chicago

The Face
of Academics
in Chicago


High Jump is a Chicago nonprofit that offers two-year, tuition-free academic enrichment programs to qualifying youth in Chicago. The programs include rigorous academic and leadership development. Students attend weekend sessions totaling 350 annual instructional hours to study advanced coursework in math, science, writing, reading and the arts. The purpose of the video was to show donors the impact this nonprofit has on Chicago youth.

The video was very moving and perfectly captured the inspirational message High Jump wants to convey.

What We Made

We worked with our client to select several students to profile. All of them had compelling stories as to why High Jump changed the course of their lives forever..

How We Did It

We filmed for two days, gathering the interviews and b-roll to help tell each of the student's stories.

How We Delivered It

The video was first shown at the nonprofit's gala. The event exceeded expectations for fundraising - the final tally was $960,000 towards a goal of $875k!

High Jump Chicago