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Naturally, an event planner’s work is done behind-the-scenes. There are many meetings, coordinating schedules, and orchestrating vendors at the event. Christina Currie contacted us, needing a video to show potential clients what her company, Christina Currie Events can do for them. So, she hired us to create a brand story.

Okay, I am crying over here!! I LOVE IT…LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much!!!

What We Made

Through this video, we give viewers a behind-the-scenes look into Christina Currie Events, what it takes to put together an event, and the client experience..

How We Did It

We combined photos from past events with DSLR video of Currie preparing for a graduation party in South Barrington, Illinois. In addition to our 5d Mark II DSLR, we also used a Go Pro timelapse camera, jib, and Glidecam. The footage was combined, colored, and added with music and two logo animations.

How We Delivered It

We compressed the video for online delivery and optimized the video for various search engine keywords. The video is embedded on the company's homepage.

Chrisinta Currie Events