Bussenger Financial Group



Bussenger Financial Group is a full-service financial advisory and investment planning company in Cary, IL, a far Northwest suburb of Chicago. They contacted us to produce a storytelling-based video about their firm. The husband and wife team had a very interesting personal story about how they got into the business and why they enjoy doing what they do.

What We Made

We wanted to show the business side of them at their office but also the personal side with their dogs at home..

How We Did It

We filmed everything in one day; combining all of the footage into a storytelling mini-documentary about the passion behind what they do.

How We Delivered It

We compressed the video for optimal online viewing quality and uploaded the video to YouTube with search engine optimized keywords. We also burned an order of DVDs for them to provide clients with the video during presentations. The DVDs were professionally thermal printed and packaged with cases.

Bussenger Financial Group