Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago

Video Series


The Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago is a nonprofit organization that provides after school activities for the City's youth. As part of its annual appeal, the client wanted to provide a more personal look into the organization's impact on its club members.

We are so very thrilled with how you capture our Club members. Kudos to you and your team for a job well done!

What We Made

We delivered a series of three videos; each focusing on three different club members and their personal stories..

How We Did It

We traveled to three of the nonprofit's clubs in Chicago and recorded professional location audio with each of the club members. We also filmed b-roll with our HD DSLR video camera of the member and their club.

How We Delivered It

All three videos were released as a series that complimented the nonprofit's mail campaign. Donors visited a website where the videos were shown. We worked with the client to deliver a seamless online multimedia presentation.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago