Anixter Center

The Power of
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Anixter Center is one of the largest Chicago nonprofits that serves people with disabilities. What started in 1918 with a need to have an orphanage for abandoned children has grown into an organization that now serves 7,300 adults and children annually through 34 programs and services at 35 locations across the greater Chicago area. Programs focus on providing those with all types of disabilities the ability to participate fully and equally in society. 90% of the non-profit’s clients are at or below the federal poverty line.

Many thanks! Your beautiful video will undoubtedly be the high point of the evening!

What We Made

How do spaces influence people? What impact does design have on the way we feel? Those are just some of the questions Anixter Center asked itself before embarking on a remarkable journey that would change the face of their non-profit organization. This video tells that story..

How We Did It

Our crew filmed for two days in the field. We first captured all of the footage and soundbites needed at Anixter Center's Chicago headquarters. We had three camera operators, sound technician, Steadicam, Makeup Artist, and Director of Photography. A similar shoot took place at CannonDesign's office in downtown Chicago.

How We Delivered It

This video was first shown at the organization’s annual fundraising event. Over $550,000 was raised for children and adults with disabilities!

Anixter Center