video marketing for financial advisors

video marketing for financial advisors


5 ways your financial planner business can start using internet video marketing today:

1. Introduce Potential Clients to YOU
Let’s assume you just moved into a new town and wanted to find a family doctor. How do you find one? You may ask your new neighbor or a friend you just made…or you might jump on the internet to find a local doctor. Many doctors have websites with their picture and bio but imagine how quickly you could choose a doctor based upon a video they might have on their homepage!

In this day and age, most financial planners should have a website. It’s your virtual storefront. For many people, this may be the first impression a potential client gets about your business. Every website has photos and text. So, how do you stand out from everyone else? One word…video.

Put a video on your homepage about you, your business, why you got started in the financial planning industry, what you like to do after work (family, hobbies, volunteering, etc.). Potential clients want to have a feeling of connection. If you show them your personal side, you’ll have a higher likelihood of them picking up that phone to call you.

2. Create Content For YOUR Audience
Create videos that are based off your client’s needs. Let’s face it…not everyone likes to meet with someone face-to-face and talk about their personal finances. By creating a free (or even paid) series of videos about topics like: college, investment, and retirement planning, you’ll not only be able to reach a larger audience outside your office’s four walls, you’ll also be able to reach more potential clients. After they watch your “teaser” videos, they may have some questions and contact you.

3. Market Minute Videos
If you have a social media page, you’ll need to post some content to it (if you don’t, you should!). Add video to the mix. Post weekly or even monthly updates about the market.

4. Inspire Your Audience
People want to feel motivated. There are lots of ups and downs with financial planning. Motivate your audience through video. Provide them with a weekly or monthly motivational message that will get them thinking about investing.

5. Host a Live Webinar
Hosting a live workshop might be hard for some people to attend. However, hosting a live internet webinar gives people the opportunity to interact with you-without having to leave their home. You can use software like Spreecast to host a live webinar and interactive with your audience using social media.

Still aren’t convinced that video should be a crucial part of your online marketing strategy? Check out our blog post about the importance of video on your website and how to create a successful business video.