Chicago nonprofit video production

Erin’s Law // Branding Film

Erin’s Law is named after childhood sexual assault survivor, author, speaker and activist Erin Merryn. If passed in a particular state, Erin’s Law requires that all public schools implement a prevention-oriented child sexual abuse program for students, school personnel and parents/guardians. Erin’s Law is a...
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nonprofit video ideas

4 Ways Video Can Help Your Nonprofit Raise More Money

Let’s face it…nonprofit fundraising is hard work. You’re either getting people to care about your cause enough to donate money or you’re getting previous donors to donate more…again. So, how can you connect people closer to the cause of your nonprofit? How do you get...
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Barrington Webcasting Service

How to Livestream School Board of Education Meetings

With the advent of live internet webcasting (also known as web streaming or livestreaming), the importance of communicating your school district’s message through online social media platforms is becoming increasingly important. In this article, we’ll talk about how to livestream your school district’s board of...
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