Matt Mayberry // Motivational Speaker Promo Video

Motivational Speaker Video Production Chicago

Matt Mayberry // Motivational Speaker Promo Video

Matt Mayberry is a former Chicago Bears player turned professional speaker, fit-life strategist, fitness & health expert, author, and high-performance business coach. When Matt’s team approached us about helping with their online video strategy, we knew it was a good fit. Matt’s positive, motivational messages have reached Fortune 500 companies, universities, high schools, athletic organizations and community/professional groups.

The purpose of this video was to take existing video footage from one of Matt’s presentations and produce a highlight video, which would be shown to other groups who are interested in having Matt speak. We logged all of the footage and assembled all the soundbites. Then, we worked on the 2D animation template for a clean presentation. After we selected music and a few sound effects, we also created a 2D animation for Matt’s logo, which will now appear before all of his videos for consistent branding.

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