How to Select A Voiceover Artist For Your Video

How to Select A Voiceover Artist For Your Video


how to pick a voiceover for video

Picking the right voiceover artist for your video is essential. You could have a stellar script, amazing animation and spectacular video footage, but the wrong voice telling your brand’s message can make it all fall flat. So, how do you match a script with a voiceover (VO)? Here are a few tips for VO artist selection:

Male or female?
Almost every time we start discussing voiceover artist selection with a client, the very first question is “Should a man or woman narrate my video?”…and it’s a valid question. Studies have been conducted to learn about how consumers react to male and female voices . About half of Americans feel a male voice is more forceful and a female voice is more soothing, while the other half says it makes no difference to them. Keep that half in mind (who it does make a difference to) when making this decision.

But who has the most authority to sell your brand? One in five people find a male voice more persuasive, one in five find a female voice more persuasive and the remaining don’t have a strong feeling one way or the other. In other words, there’s not one gender that has superior selling power generally speaking. It all depends on your message and who specifically you’re trying to speak to with authority.

Know Your Audience
Sometimes, you have to go back to the basics of Marketing 101. You need to know your audience before talking to them, especially since voiceovers are literally doing that. If you’re marketing a sleek, new basketball shoe, you probably wouldn’t want an elderly woman providing the voiceover for your ad. A teenage boy would not be the best voiceover choice for an animated explainer video about benefits for new retirees. Then take a look at the personalities or interests your audience may have. Think about how those traits can be vocalized in energy, tone and other vocal attributes. Even though knowing your audience may seem like common sense, it’s the perfect place to start, since it eliminates so many options.

Know Your Product
Just like your audience, what you are making the video for has a personality, too. What are some adjectives that describe your product, service or organization? A power tool company might want the word “tough” to be personified in a voiceover. Adding in the word “reliable” will help narrow that down, too. Think about the words you want your product to represent and how that translates to vocal traits.

Get options
Keeping your message, audience and product in mind, you’ve narrowed down your vocal traits and have a good idea of what kind of person can match them. Great! To pick the best voiceover artist, you’ll want to have a couple of options to choose from. Pick at least two different VO artists to audition a sample of the script instead of hiring the first potential match. Your final decision might not be your favorite before the audition!

There’s a lot that can go in to choosing the right voiceover artist, and we are always here to help with your video production project, from developing the script to putting it all together with a custom animation. Contact us today to bring in the experts for your voiceover video project.