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Chicago Animated Explainer Video Production

Porchlight Hospitality // Animated Explainer

Animated explainer videos are the perfect way to visually describe what a company does. Porchlight Hospitality is a hyper-local professional short-term rental management company. They service the Washington D.C. area. In addition to finding renters for a property, the company also provides complete home maintenance and property management services under one roof.
We worked with their marketing team on a script and visuals. From there, we provided several coloring and animation styles to choose from. All of the visuals were created in Photoshop and animated in After Effects. We worked with a professional voiceover to voice the script and timed out the visuals. Sound effects and music were added to complete the animated explainer video!

Animated explainer videos are great to have on a company website and can be shared on social media through Facebook’s video features, YouTube’s channels or other online video platforms. All of the visuals and motion can be completely customized for any industry.

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Commit2Change // Nonprofit Animated Explainer

Commit2Change (C2C) is a a non profit organization that is dedicated to creating systematic change by educating abandoned and impoverished girls in India. The organization hired us to produce a video that would explain what the organization does, which would play at its annual fundraising event. We decided to go with an animated explainer video. We scripted the video and worked with a professional voiceover. The animation was created in After Effects and paired with sound effects and music.

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ENJOYOURIDE Logo Animation

ENJOYOURIDE is an online lifestyle brand. They already have an online following and wanted to start creating video content for its social media channels. As part of that effort, they wanted to have customized animations of its logo to show before and/or after video clips. Since the brand is largely based off an amusement park turnstyle, we worked with our client to figure out the best way of incorporating that image and the logo text together. We wanted to work in a white space so the viewer’s eye would be drawn to the logo.

Our first step in the video production process was to create a rough storyboard sketch, which depicted various stages of the animation.
Storyboard Logo Animation

From there, we worked on coloring the scenes and animated everything in Cinema 4D!

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