5 Video Marketing Ideas for Attorneys

5 Video Marketing Ideas for Attorneys


There’s no deliberating the importance of consumer demand for online video content. People are going online to look for advice on how to handle their legal affairs. Does your law firm have a video marketing strategy to provide online video marketing content for those individuals? Video is such an easy way to reach your target audience and personalize your brand over others in the market. How can attorneys use video online? Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Client Testimonial
People looking for an attorney want to know they will be working with a lawyer who not only is someone they can relate to but also someone who can win cases. With the importance of online reviews continually growing, an attorney client testimonial video is a highly effective way to connect with new clients. A carefully crafted story and professional video will leave a lasting impression, since a former client is directly endorsing your team of lawyers.

Origin Story
People are often apprehensive about working with an attorney they don’t know. A photo and bio on your website can only go so far. Put yourself in a potential client’s shoes. After looking at ten different websites with varying levels of content, think about how having a video will help you to stand out from the crowd. A video telling the story of why you are practicing law connects the audience with you in a personal way. Within minutes, potential clients will feel they know you and can trust you to be their attorney. Market the attorneys and not the firm. Check out the video we produced for Romanucci & Blandin, a law firm based in Chicago:

Offer General Advice
Most new visitors to websites are looking for information. If someone is on your website, chances are they need legal advice. Producing short videos offering general information is a great way to connect with people needing help. What are some of the most frequently asked questions you and your legal team are asked and what advice do you find yourself giving? Develop a YouTube channel and start feeding video content to that channel, your website/blog, and social media. Offering this information will increase consumer confidence in your ability and services.

Explainer Video
Abstract concepts are sometimes hard to explain and figuring out how to explain legal processes to people outside of the field can be a challenge. To help communicate intangible things ranging from out-of-court settlements to cryptocurrency, animated explainer videos break a concept down for the audience. Animated explainer videos can visually show legal concepts in a creative video. Here’s an animated explainer video we produced for a company that offers advisory and legal support

Broadcast Commercial
If you’re looking to market your law firm’s services to a mass audience, broadcast (Cable or TV) commercials or creating targeted social media ads might be the way to go! Here’s a local commercial we produced for a small law firm in the Chicago suburbs:

Determining what kind of attorney video to make depends on a number of factors including what your goals are and who your audience is. Download our free e-book: 7 Questions to Ask Before Doing a Video for a more in-depth look. Contact us when you’re ready to take your law firm’s video marketing to the next level!