Chicago Wedding Videographer

Old Saint Pats Chicago Wedding Video

Annie + Christian // Old St Pats + Hancock Signature Room

Chicago wedding thank you card for cinematographer
There’s something about receiving a letter from your soon-to-be spouse on the morning of your wedding. It’s very organic. The emotions of your lives together flow into one final note, expressing your love. Annie & Christian wanted to make sure that we captured the moment when each of them opened their respective cards. The reading of those letters ended up playing a huge role in the storytelling and this trailer.
Groom writes letter to bride on morning of wedding in Chicago on video
Old St. Pat’s Church in Chicago has a lot of rich history to it. Due to the rules that Old St. Pat’s has placed on the wedding ceremonies, our cameras were unfortunately not allowed inside the Catholic church to capture Annie & Christian’s beautiful wedding ceremony. Since we knew this going into the wedding day, we were able to make sure that family members inside the church had handicams. The footage they captured inside the church is in this trailer.
Old Saint Pats Chicago Wedding Video
As we wrapped capturing footage of Annie & Christian around Chicago, the sky started to pour rain and heavy winds whipped through the streets of Chicago. Through it all, the couple had big smiles on their faces and danced the night away in the John Hancock Center’s 95th floor Signature Room.

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